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Did you know the Mr. is busy accompanying the littlest of learners on ABC Nature Walks via YouTube? Likely you did, considering he posts them here too. If you have a Preschool or Kindergarten learner, check out Mr. Wolfe's Kinder Garden's ABC Nature Walks at this link on YouTube

While the ABC Nature Walk playlist enables your adventurer to go on many letter inspired nature walks, we felt leaders might desire additional educational nourishment for the learning journey. So, we cooked up some practice portions to accompany you on the trail or when you return. 

Check out all the steps we're taking with you right here in this very post:
  •  a is for ant practice portions crafted by Wolfe Stew including a convenient how-to guide. (Pictured below.)
  • The ABC Nature Walk: a is for ant video - for an all-included adventure
  • The ASL Sounds: Let's Discover "a" - connecting gestures with sounds
  • 5 Additional Ant Activities - for a well-rounded adventure

a is for ant Practice Portions

A Playdough Mat

A large outline of an a with text explaining to use three connected spheres to represent an ant. How many ants can you fit in the a?
Your playdough mat awaits: Click here.

A Practice Page

Practice tracing, writing, finding, and drawing with a's and ants.
Click here to start the learning adventure.

ABC Nature Walk: A is for Ant Video

For your convenience, the ABC Nature Walk: A is for Ant video appears below. Press play to start your experience. When finished, "stroll" below for even more.

ASL Sounds: Let's Discover 'a"

In addition to ABC Nature Walks, the Mr. recently released the first in his new series: ASL Sounds. The vision is for your learner to kinesthetically connect the sign "a" to the sound "a," thereby further embedding the learning. To assist, encourage your learner to perform the sign every time he or she says the sound. Eventually, you'll find your learner doing it automatically. It will assist your learner with phonetic writing and he or she will get a head start on learning ASL. That's we call: BONUS!

5 Additional "A is for Ant" Activities

We're all about building learning step-by-step. As your learner continues engaging with the "a is for ant" concept in various ways, his or her neural pathway becomes more defined. We want clear brain trails because they lead to longer lasting learning. Continue forging the "A is for Ant" learning trail when you:

Explore Ants in Your Backyard

  • How she did it with her leaners (with pictures included).
  • Shares ant facts your learner might like to know.
  • Links to her own "taste safe cloud dough" recipe that apparently ants really like.

Read Ant Books

While we've provided links to some read alouds on YouTube for your convenience, we highly encourage you to check out ant books from your local library. Nothing beats reading together! While you read, see how many a's your learner can find in a sentence, on a page, or in the whole book.
  • One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes, illustrated by Bonnie Mackain, and read aloud by SnuggleBug StoryTime via YouTube
  • The Ants' Secret by Baltasar Magro, illustrated by Dani Padron and read by Michele Lepe via YouTube
  • Inside an Ant Colony by Allan Fowler and read aloud by Reading with Ms Leising via YouTube

Sing Ant Songs

  • The Ant's Go Marching Language Arts and Math Tie Ins: rhyming and counting
  • Five Hungry Ants Math Tie In: subtracting 1
  • There's an Ant Crawling on the Floor Science Tie In: Body Parts

Eat Ants

No, not actual ants - ants on a log:
  • Cover a celery stick with peanut butter. 
  • Position raisins (craisins or chocolate chips) to represent the marching ants. 
  • Chow down.
  • BONUS: using only these ingredients, can your learner form a letter a?

Color Ants

Not only does coloring develop littlest learners' artistic skills, it also aids in developing muscles required for writing, and strengthens their ability to focus. Coloring is impactful. So, print out your favorite "a is for ant" coloring page, get out the colors, and join your little learner in the meaningful fun.

Before You Go, We'd Love to Know:

  1. One activity you'd add to this list.
  2. A story about an ant encounter of your own.

We hope our "a is for ant" activities help you on the next step of your learning adventures. If you have any questions, suggestions, or see any need for correction, please let us know (email on the side panel). Happy learning!

With you every step of the way,
Seasoning life with a Christian husband and wife.

Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.


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