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December - An Idea for Every Day Calendar

You know what, Leaders?  Yesterday I could not believe that December was right around the corner, but today I find myself singing Christmas songs and not believing it is still November.  Maybe it has something to do with the two feet of snow outside?  Maybe?  Now, I just can't help thinking of December! And good timing too, because you are looking for some December ideas.  We have them for you, Leaders.   Mix traditional with unusual and produce a December to remember with your littles this season.  Ready to click and print, pin, post, paste or paperclip now?  Say no more!  Simply click below. To download calendar with active links, click here . Place it near where you plan and consider ways to enjoy every day this December.  Remember, if you're looking for more ideas, visit our Pinterest board .  Feel free to suggest some too!  Then, come back to Wolfe Stew near the end of December.  January ideas are sure to headline our menu boards by then. Craving more de

NaNoWriMo Chapter 4

Readers and Leaders, Just as you are thankful that Chapter 4 is here, we are thankful you are here reading and enjoying the Mr.'s story.  If you are new to Jess and Walter, you'll likely want to start at the beginning.  Here's the links to all previous chapters. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 If  Jess and Walter are old friends and you're ready to continue on the adventure, keep reading below.  We're glad you're here!  And, as always, we would love to hear any feedback you'd like to share.  Please just comment below or email us at   Now, let's get back to Wally...                 Walter came to a section of the ship where he knew there would be a large amount of enemy forces.   Sneaking into a side maintenance closet, he searched for the hatch into the maintenance corridors that ran through the ship.   When he found it, he brought a small multi-tool from one of the shelves in the closet and used it to unscrew the

Give Thanks

Did you know that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday?  It is.  And it breaks my heart a little that for most people it seems to be just a blip on the radar.  An endcap amongst aisles of red and green.  A checkpoint on the way to Christmas.  Indeed, I even saw this calendar on Instagram that blocked out all of November and December except for three days around Thanksgiving and labeled it Christmas.  Besides me, everyone else who commented was excited about it.  "That's me!" they proclaimed while my spirit died a little sadly sighing, "That's not me!" and "Why?!"  Why do we race through Thanksgiving to get to Christmas?  We should intentionally give this holiday more energy, focus and love. Why do I like Thanksgiving?  It's so simple and pure.  It's a humble holiday, and thus easy to skip over.  It doesn't demand presents, roses, candy or competition; it asks for self-examination.  It's easy to skip over.  Soul-sear

A Stone in the Wall

Fellow stones, welcome!   I’m glad you’re here today.   You, showing up, is the first step to fortifying our wall.   Last week, I wrote about how we’re never really alone , even when it feels like we are, because God is always with us.   And He is.   There’s no question about it.   But you see, from the very beginning of creation, God knew that we would need others like us for this journey through life: The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18 So, He created companionship for us. He wanted to be our everything. He wanted to be more than enough for us, but we craved more. So in His endless grace, He provided us with the desires of our heart; He made more like us. To be helpmates for one another. To support, enrich, bless, encourage, challenge and coexist with each other. And, if you think about it, much of our lives is devoted to the others in it. What we think. How we feel. The motivation behin

NaNoWriMo Chapter 3

Lucky for you, dear Leaders and Readers, the Mr. completed chapter 3 over the weekend and is ready to share it with you.  New to the story and NaNoWriMo?  Read about it and chapter one here.  Find chapter two here.  But, to those of you returning, welcome back!  Now, on to chapter three!  Enjoy! Chapter 3                 “Wake up, kid…we know you’re listening to us.”   Tyke’s baritone voice rumbled across his face.                Walter opened his eyes slowly, “Traitor!” He was grasped by a green scaly hand and pulled back harshly, before he could lunge at Tyke with his fist.                “You have no idea what you are talking about child!   The owner of the reptilian-looking hand looked like a close version of Tyke.   The being was bald with scales that kept changing from green to gray and then even darker shades of both.   “Loyalty is only given to those who earn it!   Your masters are not trustworthy, yet you still follow them!”   Growling, he kept a firm han

Thanksgiving Themed Ideas

Leaders, We know, it's nearly here.  Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner.  Problem is, your learners know it too.  We're all just trying to make it through right now - to make it to the turkey.  We'd like to help.  We found a few ideas to fill your plan book this next week (or week and a half).  So, get your planner ready, watch those empty slots fill, then put up your feet and listen for the gobble.  Seems nearer doesn't it? How to Cook a Turkey Well, you know, after you catch that turkey you have to cook it.  But how?  Let your learners guide!  In this fun writing activity, from Tickled Pink in Primary, your learners write how they think you cook a turkey.  We repeat this one yearly.  It's so fun to read the results!  Just, maybe, don't actually use them when the day comes. This (free) download also includes differentiated "I'm Thankful For" writing pages, which we also use.  Our Kindergarten learners draw what makes the