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STEAM Literacy Activities: Meet Silas of the STEAM Team

(Updated 9/8/2022) Good Afternoon, Leaders, The weekend is nearly upon us.  A three-day weekend.  A weekend that many of you will use to get ready for the next week.  I hope that you do take some time for yourself this weekend, though.  Savor the flavor of your favorite dish.  You deserve it! Before our weekend begins, we have an appetizer to tempt your palate.  Meet The STEAM Team !  A cast of characters that embodies STEAM roles.  As the series unfolds, you'll first meet each character individually, then see them team together to solve larger problems. Today, you meet Silas, the scientist.  Read to see what he does as he is plunged into a world where all the rules have changed.  Enter his world.  How could you help?  What role would you play? We hope this story opens a discussion about STEAM roles and the importance they play in our society. To introduce your cadets to Silas, we've prepared for you before, during, and after reading activities in a variety of flavors

An Idea for EVERY Day

(Updated 8/12/2022) Hello Leaders, We are glad you are here!  We want to celebrate with you!  Why?  Because it is the first!  The first post.  The first day of the rest of your life.  The first "An Idea for Every Day" calendar.  We hope it gives you a reason to celebrate! What Is "An Idea for Every Day?" A calendar that we hope brings you inspiration is what you'll find here.  With the help of , we cooked up ways for you to celebrate each day with your littles.  You'll find science, literacy, math, music, art, community building, and social studies options on this menu.  Finally, we offer link pairings for some select options. How Can I Use It? Print the calendar. Put it near where you plan. Consider some of the ideas on the calendar as you plan. Enjoy each day celebrating with the littles. Share your favorite celebration with us, so we can celebrate with you! Click here for September's "An Idea