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(Updated 3/29/2024) Our Wolfe Stew Book Review today is on Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. As it’s our first nonfiction book, we'll add in thoughts on purpose, organization, unique features, writing style, and personal takeaways, while still providing a target audience recommendation, summary, quotes, and about the author segment.  Any Christ-following woman, but especially those longing to strengthen their prayer life. To engage in fierce battle with prayer as your weapon, enlist with Shirer. She'll have you assembling a complete arsenal of fully operational, strategically targeted prayers in no time! As denoted on the cover, the purpose of the book is to create, “A woman’s battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer.” Shirer polled women and determined areas Satan frequently attacks.   Then, penned a guide through each of these attacks, chapter by chapter, providing examples of how he attacks along with verses to use in defense.   F in

May Week 1| An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 4/20/2022.) Are you ready for May?  It's right around the corner whether you are or not!  May means flowers, mothers, Star Wars, and in our family - birthdays. For your celebration considerations, we offer our ideas up to you in several different ways: If you'd like to take in the whole month at a glance, download our May Idea for Every Day calendar . Click here to download this calendar. Find even more ideas for every day on our Pinterest board. Return here  weekly to read about the upcoming celebrations in more detail.  And now, dear leaders, we will reveal to you ideas for every day of this upcoming week in May (May 3rd to May 9th). Sunday, May 3rd - World Laughter Day You’ve heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”   Research confirms it. Among numerous additional positive effects, laughter boosts immunity and mood while negating effects of stress and pain (Robinson, et al., Laughter is the Best Medicine ).   And, let’s be honest

Mission Born: Space Twins - Chapter 13

We're entering spacedock 79 in this chapter to commence Jess and Walter's in-the-field training overseen by Winterlocke.  If you're needing to catch up, find all previous chapters below. Chapter 1  Ghosts Chapter 2  The Adventure Continues Chapter 3  Sound the Alarm! Chapter 4  Will Wally Make It? Chapter 5  Twins Divided Chapter 6  World's Apart Chapter 7  Escape from Planet Orc Chapter 8  Twin's Flight Chapter 9  Docked in Space Chapter 10  Knowledge Unbound Chapter 11  Decisions Chapter 12 Training Otherwise, let training begin! As they came in for a landing at Spacedock 79, they could see thousands of lights of various neon colors.   The lights wrapped around the dock structure like a little boy keeping an animal from escaping his outstretched arms.   Numerous spacecraft sat on the large dark gray pads.   They were trimmed in the yellow that meant caution.   Several people walked along the edges where the lights and pads met.  

April 2020: Week Five | Ideas for Every Day

(Updated 4.20.2023) The final week of April is upon us. In this week's edition of, "An Idea for Every Day," we'll feature ideas for Sunday, April 26th to Saturday, May 2nd. If you'd like to look at previous weeks in April, check out the posts below: Week One (March 29th - April 4th) Week Two (April 5th - April 11th) Week Three (April 12th - April 18th) Week Four (April 19th - April 25th) If you want even more ideas for every day, check out our boards on Pinterest ( April or May ). If you're starting your May planning, here's the link to the May Idea for Every Day Calendar .   And now, for your planning pleasure, let's look through these ideas for every day from Sunday, April 26th to Saturday, May 2nd. Sunday, April 26th - National Pretzel Day Pretzels. Yum. I don't know if it's because it's right before lunch and my stomach is rumbling, or if it's because of this picture, but I could really go for a warm, so

10 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About the Potato

(Updated March 8, 2024.) In order to play fairly, before you read you really should get out a notebook and write down every thing you know about potatoes. Then, come back and read. But, hey, we're not watching you so there are no witnesses.  Plus, we trust you. So, if you'd rather, just read along and keep track of the ones you honestly did not know. 1. The potato originated along the western South American coastline.   The Incans cultivated these calorie-packed parcels into hundreds of different varieties to complement varying amounts of sunlight, soil types and moisture levels. A specific mentioned location of domestication is Lake Titicaca. Potatoes reached Europe via exploration vessels amid the 1530’s (Standage 118). 2. Potatoes were highly unpopular upon European introduction.   Europeans had no idea what a potato was. Unlike maize, another new food from the new world that shared similarities with wheat, there was no European crop that sha