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June - An Idea for Every Day - Week 1

(Updated 4/15/2022) It's June, friends! Well, nearly June. June is a favored month of mine.  School's out, meaning long, lazy days, sunshine, family, and, of course, it also helps that it's my birthday month. What do you love about June? Look at the reasons we have lined up for you to celebrate this week (click on a link for more details): Smile Day (5.31.2020) World Reef Awareness Day (6.1.2020) I Love My Dentist Day (6.2.2020) Love Conquers All Day (6.3.2020) Cheese Day (6.4.2020) Hot Air Balloon Day (6.5.2020) Family Recreation Day (6.6.2020) And, we're serving these ideas plated in various styles to fit your needs. Download Your  June Calendar   Calendar - See the whole month at a glance.  Weekly Posts - Detail rich with bonus ideas.   Subscribe to get them delivered right to your inbox (Submit your email in the box on the side panel.) Browse the four recent weekly posts here (ideas never expire): May 24th - May 30th May 17th - M

Go to the Ant

Ants.   What do you know about them?   Do they intrigue you?   Or does just the sight of them make your skin crawl? Photo by Pranimm Athithawatthe via Pexels I know I’ve had my run-ins with them.   They’ve invaded our house, more specifically our dishwasher.   They’ve turned periods of relaxation into bouts of panic by climbing on or near my vicinity.   They’ve frustrated me with their persistence in establishing and re establishing residence.   And they’ve fascinated me by moving in circular motions prior to an oncoming storm.   My feelings of ants tilt toward the side of annoyance. But King Solomon was clearly fascinated by them.   In Proverbs 6:6-8 King Solomon writes: The fact Solomon knew these details regarding ants caused Mark W. Moffett, author of Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions, to weigh in asserting, “King Solomon must have been a devoted ant observer to reach this conclusion.” Why would a king, known for his wisdom ( I Kings 3:28 , II

May Week 4 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 4/21/2022.) Confession alert - we're planning our first family get together since the beginning of COVID-19. It almost feels like we're doing something illicit. What about you? Have you had the opportunity to meet up with your family since the beginning of quarantine? There's something about this gorgeous weather that just makes you want to break free. Do you feel it too?   It's nearing the fourth week in May - the first full week school is officially out here - also known as, the first week of summer break. We were going to go camping, but apparently everyone else had the same idea.  So, we had to put that on the back burner. What are your plans? If you're still looking to make a few, we're cooking up some ideas for you and plating them in the following ways: The full May menu (in calendar form of course). The weekly descriptive menu (the blog you're reading). Subscribe to get it delivered right to your inbox ( submit your email in the side panel )

May Week 3 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 4/21/2022.) This third week in May for us brings the final day of the school year, a birthday in the family, and continual care for our plants.  How about you?  What are you looking forward to in this third week of May?  Perhaps some of the ideas below will give you an additional reason (or two) for anticipation. Just in case you wanted to know, the inspiration for these calendars came from a year of homeschooling one of our nieces.  We created every activity each day around the theme of a National Holiday for that day.  It stretched our creativity as leaders and linked learning for our niece.  She thoroughly enjoyed it and we enjoyed sharing in it.  So, we thought we'd try to spread some of that cheer on to you and your learner(s).   Now, that being said, we would never want you to feel like this is an obligatory checklist.  Or that you must celebrate every day on the list.  Or that you even need to see it as a celebration.  But more than that, we really want to help you