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This page is dedicated to all you Leaders of Littles out there. You know who you are. You're the teacher looking for just the right resource; the parent hoping to spark joy in their child; the grandparent wanting to share their love of learning; an aunt or uncle desiring to make memories with your nieces or nephews; a family friend giving parents the night off. Whoever you are, whatever led you here, welcome!  

Below lies a menu to all educational resources crafted or gathered by the Wolfe Stew chefs, who together share over twenty years of educational experience spanning Preschool to 6th grade in both homeschool and public school settings. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Won't you please consider submitting a "Made to Order QUIZine" form? Find it at the bottom.

Time to browse this educational menu!  Dive right in! Click the links below to transport you to the corresponding Learning Lab section.

Current Idea for Every Day Calendar 

Preschool to First Grade


Have your learners racing to the finish line with this editable center game.

Book Based Activities

Learn about animals, weather, ordinal numbers, story details, and simple planning with these resource that complement The Big Five by Bella Makatini.


Perfect for segmenting, blending and phonemic spelling, use this stoplight color-coded, hands-on tool to help learners identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds.


Full of tried-and-true ideas for name formation practice, from writing to using manipulatives.


A continuously updating pack of resources featuring weather activities for your little learners.

Health Science

The importance of drinking water with little learners in mind.

Second to Third Grade

Book Based Activities

Use The Big Five by Bella Makatini to practice identifying verbs and adjectives.  Then use them in writing animal clues.

Fourth to Sixth Grade


A game to practice estimating products.

Columbus Conversions
Metric conversions with Columbus.


Our STEAM Team is an original cast of characters created to help learners understand the need for STEAM skills in a post-apocalyptic environment.  Find the stories and related activities here.

Introduction, read aloud and review of the available corresponding activities. 
Compile a reading list to help Silas on his quest.
Reconstruct the sound of the robot as described in the story.
Design, create, then run a Silas-inspired obstacle course.
Silas the Scientist: Orphaned World Citizen
In this social studies rich lesson, cadets create a list of vital community roles and complete their personal dossier detailing their contributions as an Orphaned World Citizen.

Victoria the Technologist: Reading Comprehension Wolfe Pack
Comprehension activities to complement the Victoria STEAM Team story. With this Wolfe Pack, we'll guide you through differentiated before, during, and after reading activities in multiple instructional styles.


A template to help guide learners when researching a specific animal.


Find ways to link the two to really teach writing as an art form.  This blog reviews a few books that inspire this type of writing instruction as well as a Wolfe Stew crafted activity that directly links the two.  

In this YouTube video, Mr. Wolfe describes the role of voice in writing, walks through his example and assigns a writing activity with multiple options for completion, to meet your learner's needs.

Book Based Activities

Picture books are useful with older learners too.  Inspired by The Big Five by Bella Makatini, learners research animals, write their own version of The Big Five featuring varying geographical locations, and create art inspired by Jodi Abbot in this Wolfe Pack.

Here lies a collection of all our vocabulary learning ideas.  We will continuously update this pack each time we cook up a new idea.  

Chicken Soup for the Soul day happens to fall in the month of NaNoWriMo.  Read about this opportunity to write with your learners!

Read-a-Thon Activities
Use some of these activities during your next read-a-thon.

A template with a box to draw a picture and lines to write about it. Useful for any type of writing from narratives to reports. Helpful for encouraging reluctant writers to start with drawing a picture. Encourage good penmanship with triple-lined paper. The lines-only second page makes this printable a viable option for older learners too. 


Our STEAM Team think sheet walks your learner through the STEAM design process.


Color Centers

This colorful and versatile center is available in four varieties so you can individualize it to the tastes of your learners.  It really is more a platform for you to use however you require, however if you're looking for us to do the cooking, we're happy to do that too.  Wolfe Stew premade color centers cover the following skills: Color identification (PreK-1st); Parts of Speech (2nd & 3rd); and Poetic Devices (4th -6th)

Classroom Management

We've cleared off our "Idea for Every Day" calendar to make room for your awesome ideas. 
Feedback Notes
Seasonal notes send a positive note home with your learners. Just print off a stack and try to send a few home each day.
Discussion Norms
We cooked these up using both primary and secondary wording with three different stylistic options to keep discussions safe and on topic.

Use this tool, or have your learners craft it, to explain the changing day lengths throughout the year.


Featured favorite fall activities of ours both for the home and the classroom. 

"Going on a Leaf Hunt" Book Based Activities
Preschool through Third Grade activities to complement the book, "Going on a Leaf Hunt."

Preschool through Sixth Grade activities to bring fall into the classroom.

Monster Writing Lab
Designed as a Halloween activity, but really applicable for anytime, this Monster Writing Lab contains activities for learners from Preschool to Sixth grade.  The blog suggests many more Halloween learning ideas in a Kindergarten setting.

National Pickle Day (November 14th)
Make pickles the target of your learning.  Find all sorts of ideas on how to incorporate pickles into your classroom.  Don't be afraid of taking the taste-testing pickle challenge with data-recording sheets crafted just for you by the chefs at Wolfe Stew.

Thanksgiving Themed Activities
Find all kinds of cross-curricular, multi-grade activities for Thanksgiving learning including handwriting worksheets cooked up here at Wolfe Stew.

Christmas classroom ideas to spread the holiday spirit this season.  Blessing planners, holiday spirit discussion prompts, Christmas kindness challenge, caught being kind notes, and verses to pray all cooked right here in your local, Wolfe Stew, hometown kitchen.

Like to make a suggestion yourself?  Please email us.  We'd love to attempt crafting something to suit your taste.

  1. *Disclaimer: Expecting perfect, astonishing or instant lessons, centers, think sheets, worksheets, or activities may increase your risk of resource-borne disillusionment.  
  2. *More Fine Print: We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission.  We will provide you with feedback if we deny your request.  All work created by Wolfe Stew belongs to Wolfe Stew.  We reserve all rights to it, and it will be copyrighted by Wolfe Stew.  Time sensitive requests are likely to be denied.  We prefer crafting quality QUIZine and believe that takes time.  


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  2. Hi Admin! To teach primary school kids is not as easy as it is supposed. Teachers need to craft various learning activities in an interesting way, reaccess little kids again that how much they learned. It is a very tedious job. Fortunately, online learning resources may help a lot to design assignments and test papers. There are many websites that provide quality and helpful content and other learning resources for free. Many times parents also search for such assignments, lessons, and free test papers to download, to help the kids and provide them more practice tests at home. Thanks for sharing such helpful learning content for students.

    1. Hello, Emma! Thank you for dropping by. You're right, there is A LOT of behind the scenes work that goes into teaching. Our job doesn't stop when the bell rings, that much is for sure! Sharing resources is one way we certainly hope to help fellow teachers out. Thank you for sharing another free resource.


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