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Happy New Year!

Welcome Back Leaders of Littles!  How we've missed you!  As promised, you're seeing us in 2020!  The January Idea for Every Day Calendar remains a work in progress.  But, as 2020 commences tomorrow, the need for activities emerges.  Today we unveil the first eleven days of activities and selected link pairings to go with them. New Year's Day Ideas We wanted to specifically feature New Year's Day as it is tomorrow and you're likely short on time to get some of these ideas in.  We'll blast social media, but also wanted it featured here.  To start your 2020 off right, consider whipping up a special breakfast.  Good Housekeeping has 33 recommended recipes for just this occasion.  Or, make your favorite.  What is your favorite brunch recipe?  We'd love to know!  Whether it's new or tried and true.  Our favorite is a sausage brunch braid  from Amelia Meaux featured at Taste of Home.  It's beautiful, tasty and relatively easy to make.  Give it

Mission Born: Space Twins - Chapter 8

Welcome Back Readers! We're glad you are here and ready to read Chapter 8 of Mission Born: Space Twins .  If you're new here and would like to start from the beginning, or maybe you need to get caught up, find the appropriate link here: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 But, if you've shared the journey all along the way, or prefer jumping into the middle of the action, Chapter 8 starts now.  Get on your spacesuits and enjoy the ride!                 As the ship staggered out of translight, Jess spotted an asteroid belt that twisted around two planets.   One of the planets was a severe black, as if it were absorbing all light.   The ebony planet had streaks of red through it in jagged lines.   A second ivory colored planet, with streaks of blue flowing around it like stripes on a candy cane, resided across the way.   She used the sensors to scan for a closer look at the system.   A ping came up on the star map.  

Are You a Herod or a Herald?

(Updated 12/1/2022) Welcome back, friends!   I am thankful that you are here today. In a previous blog post, “ Christmas Time is Here ,” I mentioned that we, as Christians, assume the herald role.   We are to proclaim and pave the way for others to walk the path to meet our King.   As I considered this role, another question emerged.   One that initially seems simple, yet quickly deepens in complexity:   This Christmas season, are you acting as a Herod or a herald? You’re already answering: “Of course I’m a herald.”   Done.   Click away.   What blog post am I reading next? But WAIT! There's more! What if the answer is not that simple?   What if you are showing Herod traits without even realizing it?   Maybe the process of acting out your role as herald is morphing you into a Herod.   The Format To compare Herod and herald, we’ll institute a side-by-side approach.   Character trait by character trait.   This is how we’ll do it: Identify comparable traits of e

Mission Born: Space Twins - Chapter 7

Friends, The adventure continues today with Chapter 7 of Mission Born: Space Twins !  If you are new to the story, or need to catch up, find the link you require here: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 All caught up and ready to go?  So are we.  Continue on to Chapter 7.                 As the doors to the guest suite opened, Walter gasped as he saw his sister surrounded by the four guards.   “Jess!   They got you too?!”   He exclaimed.                 “No, Wally, they’re lettin’ us go.   Now pack up ‘n let’s get outta ‘ere.”   She knew well enough he didn’t have anything to pack, since he had been abducted.                 “He picked a book up from the couch he had been sitting on and tucked it under his arm. “I’m ready!   Let’s go!”   A churlish grin resided on his face, and his sister could do nothing but shake her head and smile.                 “You an’ your books….”   She slapped him on the back hard.   “We need ta get o

Mission Born: Space Twins - Chapter 6

Greetings follow readers, writers and new acquaintances! We're glad you've found us!  We have for you today Chapter 6 of Mission Born: Space Twins.  If you're new to the story, or have some catching up to do, follow the link to the desired chapter here: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 If you're all caught up and ready to continue, read on. Once again, we're so glad you came and hope you enjoy the story!  We welcome any feedback you desire to share.  Consider posting a comment, finding us through social media, or shooting us an email ( And now, the moment for which you've been waiting, the official, exclusive release of Chapter 6:                 Jess strode quickly to the command deck.  As the entry door slid open, she could see the fleet out the viewport.  The warships were aligning.  They would make a translight jump soon, and the chase would be on!  She wanted her brother back.  Those orcs wou

Christmas Time is Here

(Updated 12/15/2022.) Christmas time is here!   Do you feel it?   Does it surround you?   And as it surrounds you, do you find yourself uplifted or overwhelmed?   At Christmastime, we all feel merry and bright.   When this season hits, a spring naturally overtakes every footstep.   Magic weaves itself into the air.   It’s effortless. An uncontrollably joyous feeling. The most anticipated moment in every year .   Except...when it’s not. Christmas is filled with expectations, expectations packed in heavy boxes.   Boxes which are stacked in our garages and reopened every year.   Do so many boxes exist for any other time of year?   No?   Why not?   Because no other time of the year is as heavy leaden with expectations as Christmas.   You pull the boxes in and unpack them.   You go through the rituals.   But instead of jingle bells, it is factory bells that toll.  'Tis a nother season of going through motions without the emotion.   You have a happy face on because you know i