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February 2021 | An Idea for EVERY Day

(Updated 2.23.2023)  We are one month into 2021! How are you doing? How are your learners doing? I hope you are taking some time for yourself and reflecting on your emotions, accepting them, understanding them, and making necessary adjustments to nurture more of the outcomes you desire. You are worth it. You are making a difference. You matter. The Mr. recently took a training regarding the mental health of teachers. Many of us are having a difficult time teaching, which is likely unsurprising to you. We’re confronting new challenges for which there is no manual. In the face of these new challenges, it is vital that we care for ourselves. The Happy Teacher Revolution offers resources and training (which the Mr. recently underwent) to support us in doing so. A printout from this training now hangs near his desk to remind him of twelve choices a happy teacher makes (links to the original list at Edutopia ). There are so many good choices. The one that resonates the most with the Mr.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez | A Wolfe Stew Review

(Updated 12/14/2023) The presidential inauguration is right around the corner. Seize the opportunity to inspire your littles to dream BIG. That's what America is about after all: having big dreams and working hard to achieve them. Sofia Valdez shows us all that change is possible. Armed with a goal, determination, and support of loved ones, Sofia Valdez, change maker, will find her way into your heart - as she did mine. As always, I’ll alert you to potential spoilers with asterisks surrounding the header.   Target Audience With rhyming text and illustrations that deepen the narrative, Sofia Valdez is a book to inspire any person with a dream to promote change. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez would be an ideal book to read with your learners if you want to foster belief(s) that: Anyone can do what they want; all that is needed is the drive to get it done. Even kids can have big ideas that move adults into action. All people, even “strong” people, feel fear. We think this