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Beef Stroganoff

(Updated 1/18/2024) We're trying out something new! Today, we're inviting you into our kitchen. I mean, really, with a name like "Wolfe Stew" it was only a matter of time before we did. And we’re excited to have you here!   So, come on in, pour yourself a beverage, and feel free to either sit back and relax, or jump up and join in.   For our first food blog, we’re bringing out an old favorite – Beef Stroganoff.  I t’s a throwback to childhood for both of us, so also a comfort food.   While it’s not our mother’s stroganoff, we do serve it the same way: on top of egg noodles with a side of green beans.   The Inspiration If you follow us on social media, you’ve likely already seen this picture: There’s actually a story behind it, which much to your delight, you get to hear now.   Prior to the Mr. posting this, I had posted the following pic: Call it an experiment, the Mr. wanted to know which one would engage our audience more: food (and more s

March 2020 | Holiday Activity Calendar

(Updated 3.10.23) Let's get ready to march into March in 2020 with these engaging learning activities for your learners.  Even if you don't lead littles in any capacity, I bet you'll find one (or two) ways to celebrate on this calendar. If you're ready to download and move on to planning March activities, don't let us stop you. We're here to help! Please, click here now . Above is merely a graphic.  Please click here for your very own calendar. If, however, you're a little more cautious and need more information before committing to a click, I hear you! Read on, dear friends, read on! What is this Idea for Every Day Calendar anyway?   It's exactly that, leaders: we've come up with a reason to celebrate every day with your learners and paired each one with academic activities. We've even taken the liberty to suggest some weekend activities because leaders deserve to have fun too! So, get out your planner and write in one (or two

Lent Challenge

Lent is coming up; it’s right around the corner (February 26th).    Have you decided what you’re giving up for Lent?   Should you even give something up for Lent?   Normally, I don’t.   The first time I even honored Lent was a few years ago as a challenge issued by my pastor.   His explanation of Lent was that we sacrifice something to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us.   It wasn’t easy for me to choose what to give up that Lent, but this Lent the choice presented itself to me.   Quite honestly, I had no intention of participating until it was thrust into my lap.   And, as a fellow stone in the wall , I intend to do the same to you.   Today, I want to challenge you to give up something for Lent that will bring good to others.   God wants us to be good to others.   Do to others as you would have them do to you.   Luke 6:31 Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.   Matthew 5:45 Be devoted to one another in love.   Honor one another above yourselves.   Roman

Don't Eat That!

I love picture books and so am thrilled to review one today.   Picture books are every Leader of Littles' dream.   I don’t care how old you are, if you’re willing, you can always learn something from a picture book.   They are little gems full of knowledge, art, and entertainment.   You have a short amount of time to get the message across, and creativity must shine through.   For picture book reviews, the format will remain much the same as the chapter book format with one addition: Artwork Description. I’ll alert you to potential spoilers with *asterisks* surrounding the header.   Target Audience If you enjoy humor, puns, and persistence,  Don’t Eat That! is a must-read for you.   This enjoyable book, told in cartoon format, will have you laughing out loud while encouraging you to return to your unresolved frustrations. While any student or teacher is likely to connect with this story, those who have experienced frustrations in problem-solving and emotio

Two-Step Decision Making

(Updated 5/3/2023) My perspective on decision-making changed recently and I decided to rewrite this post. Decision-making is a fact of life that greatly affects the course of it. We need to be confident with the decision we choose. But how? The Biblical Approach As believers, we're given instruction on this. Here's how: In all thy ways acknowledge Him; And He will direct thy paths.  ( Proverbs 3:6 ) Acknowledge Him in all your ways. First, seek to know Him in everything you do, think, and feel. If you believe that you're never really alone , that God is always with you, then the next step is acknowledging He's with you by eagerly getting to know Him. We can know Him more as we: Engage  in each moment wholeheartedly and honestly while walking  hand-in-hand with the Master.  Observe the world around you to find Him in it.  Question things that just don't make sense.  Struggle to find the answer through His word, authorities on His word, and conversation with ot

Made to Order QUIZine Samplings

Leaders of Littles, if you are not already aware of this service, we at Wolfe Stew offer Made to Order QUIZine .  What is this service?  It’s how it sounds.  If you’d like us to specially prepare a specific resource for you, we’d love to try our hand at it.  Now, of course, as with all special requests, it does come with a few disclaimers: Expecting perfect, astonishing or instant lessons, centers, think sheets, worksheets, or activities may increase your risk of resource-borne disillusionment. We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission.  We will provide you with feedback if we deny your request.  All work created by Wolfe Stew belongs to Wolfe Stew .  We reserve all rights to it, and it will be copyrighted by Wolfe Stew .  Time sensitive requests are likely to be denied; we prefer crafting quality QUIZine and believe that takes time.   To get an idea of the type of special orders we will fulfill for you, we're offering a sampling of a few we've