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Independence Day | JOY for Today

In this country, we take freedom seriously. It's synonymous with the United States of America. But what is freedom?  Freedom, exercised properly, brings great joy. This Independence Day, we ask you to consider that freedom comes with responsibility. Our forefathers labored to create a land free from oppression and tyranny . Are you choosing to live a life in service to freedom for others or are you chained to selfishness? " Fireworks and American Flag on the 4th of July " courtesy of Good Free Photos . Independence Day Choices: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  About freedom. Activity Suggestions  Fireworks, crafts, and history. Did You Know: We have John Adams to thank for our firework tradition?  His vision of Fourth of July celebrations written in a letter to his wife states: "It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solem

July 2022 Calendars | Printable and Holiday Options

July is camping, heat, and continued summer activities all in hues of red, white, and blue. What does July 2022 bring for you? However you define July, we're excited that we get to walk through it with you. Here's what we're offering on the July 2022  Wolfe Stew  menu: July 2022 Ideas for  Every  Day Calendar  (family friendly, educational) July 2022 Growth for Today Calendar  (personal growth, Bible-based) Blank 2022 Calendars   Bible verses  Inspirational Quotes July 2022 Ideas for EVERY Day  View the current month's calendar  at the Learning Lab Tab. July 2022  (updated for you!) July 2021   July 2020 Also, consider sampling our  JOY for Today  posts, where we celebrate selected days throughout the year by offering facts, connections, scripture, quotes, and activity suggestions. Check out our three most recent  JOY for Today  posts: Flag Day Father's Day Forgiveness Day July 2022 Growth for Today Calendar This "Growth for Today" calendar is

Forgiveness Day 2022 | JOY for Today

Sometimes seeking joy is not a task you want to undertake. Sometimes we want to sit in our anger, sadness, or hurt and are not ready for joy. But, when you are ready to let that JOY back in , forgiveness is a necessary step. June 26, 2022 Forgiveness Day Findings: Did You Know...  Two we knew; three we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  About forgiveness of self and others. Activity Suggestions  Posters, movies, books, and songs. Did You Know: There is more than one day for forgiveness throughout the year? Additional designations for forgiveness include the third full week of June, July 7th, the first Sunday in August, September 27th, and October 7th.  Forgiveness is good for your health?  Mayo Clinic studied the health benefits of forgiveness and contrasted them with the side effects of holding a grudge. Forgiveness improves relationships, mental health, blood pressure, immune systems, and heart health. ( Mayo Clinic ) Carrying a grudge li

Father's Day | JOY for Today

Fathers, on this day we honor you. We honor the commitment you made and upheld to guide, protect, and love your family. We are better because of you and with JOY we welcome your enduring presence. Father's Day Offerings: Did You Know...   Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings by the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by Father's Day. Activity Suggestions   Card-making. Did You Know: Father's Day was inspired by a Mother's Day sermon? Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, heard a sermon on Mother's Day that started her on the path toward getting a Father's Day on the calendar too. She felt her father - William Smart - who raised six kids by himself after his wife died during childbirth, deserved a day that honored him and other great fathers. ( Spokane City ) It took 62 years for Father's Day to be federally recognized?  The first celebration of Father's Day took place in Spokane in 1910 and in 1972 Richard Nixon officially proclaimed F

Flag Day | JOY for Today

Flags symbolize belonging. They announce in colors and symbols the values and traditions of the people who fly them. When you see your flag waving in unfamiliar territory, it communicates security and like-mindedness. Belonging. Community. Shared Values. Common Purpose. These sound like ingredients in a recipe for JOY to me.  Flag Day Findings: Did You Know...  One we knew; four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings by the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by Flags. Activity Suggestions  Crafts, games, food, and history. Did You Know: Our flag was officially adopted June 14, 1777 by the Second Continental Congress? ( ).   See alternate designs at . It took 135 years for our flag to be standardized?  Until 1912, stars were arranged differently in varying proportions. ( ) George Washington rejected any flag similar to the British flag? Fighting under a banner that resembled your enemy was not a great confidence booster. ( ) The stars on th

Hot Air Balloon Day | JOY for Today

Hot air balloons against blue skies uplift spirits everywhere they fly. This whimsical contraption forces us to simultaneously celebrate our freedom and accept surrender. There is joy in both, Friends, when you choose wisely. Artwork by our niece, age 8. Hot Air Balloon Day Sightings: Did You Know...   One we knew; four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings by the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by Hot Air Balloons.  Activity Suggestions   Art, science, ticket-buying, movies, and history. Did You Know: A person was not the first hot air balloon passenger? Three animals were uniquely chosen for the first hot air balloon ride over the French court in Versailles: a rooster, a duck, and a sheep. The sheep tested the effects of flight on land dwellers and the fowl of birds that fly at varying altitudes. All animals returned safely. ( Mental Floss ) The Civil War had a balloon Corp?  Initiated by President Lincoln, the purpose of the balloon Corp was intelligence gathering advan