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Fall 2020 | Ideas for the Home and Classroom

(Updated 11.3.2022) It seems ironic, sitting down to write a fall-themed post from a snow-covered setting. But that is the reality, leaders. Normally, I’d be frustrated that the snow knocked the leaves from the trees resulting in a shortened fall; however, this year, I’m not. Our 2020 fall has exceeded expectations, making the snow more tolerable. In addition, forest fires surround us, and the snow is aiding in slowing the burn. For these reasons, I find myself beyond grateful for the snow. To enrich your seasonal learning activities, I’m rounding up resources we use annually and ones we’ve created. You’ll find resources to support the following topics: General Science Literature Halloween Decorating Baking If you’re thinking that I missed Thanksgiving, I’ll tell you I did not. I’m featuring Thanksgiving in its very own post as it’s my favorite. General If you’re looking for a way to invite fall into your classroom and prefer a seasonal approach instead of a holiday-ce

November 2020 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 10/7/2022) November – the month of Thanksgiving and fall. It’s a month full of gratitude, family, and warmth, from the comfort of our homes to the joy in our heart.  We want to help bring the comfort, warmth, and love into your learning too, leaders, with the help of these resources we’ve stewed on for you. For every November day, you’ll find learning opportunities on which to embark with your Preschool to Sixth grade learner . Find the activities as a November calendar or “menu” in the blog below. If you’re looking for even more ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest board. Here’s our November 2020 Idea for Every Day Calendar for you to print, pin, bookmark or paste: Above is only the graphic, click here to download the calendar.   And here’s a blank November 2020 for you to do with as you choose. This is only a graphic, click here to download your blank calendar. If you want to jump to a particular date, click the appropriate one below. Week One (11.1.2020-1

Our 8 Favorite Free Online Math Resources | Learning Lab

Welcome Leaders of Learners everywhere! We see you. We know how hard you work and how you’re always in search of just the right resource to use with your learners and we want to help! Today is a continuation of a blog series featuring our favorite FREE online educational resources to support you and your learners. Last time, it was language resources ; but today, we’re focusing on math resources. Math is probably the easiest subject to practice in game form. That being the case, there are myriad math game sites out there. We’ve tried a lot of them out and we’re presenting you our favorites. And not just our favorite math game resources, but also our favorite math teaching resources. These resources will help from introduction to review in a variety of engaging, thought-provoking, and intensive ways. We’ve organized these resources in the gradual release of responsibility model. So, the first resource will be heaviest on teaching and the last resource will be heaviest on practice.