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April - An Idea for Every Day Calendar - Week 2

With March ending, April planning begins.  We're here to help.  Find activities for the first week of April at this post and activities for the second week below.  For daily reminders, follow us on Instagr am or Facebook .  If you're craving even more ideas, check out our Pinterest board.  If you want all the ideas for the entire month, download your April An Idea for Every Day Calendar here. April 5th - National Go for Broke Day You know that dream you've been putting on hold?  That wish that you think will just never happen?  The goal you never make time for?  That hobby you want to more deeply pursue but fail to wade in?  Well, friends, today's your day to jump in!   That's right.  Pick one activity, goal, or dream that calls to you and immerse yourself in it today.  Spend all day fully living in it.  Maybe after you do, you'll know whether you want to take it even further. April 6th - National Student Athlete Day Looking for a reason to get y

Mission Born: Space Twins - Chapter 11

Mission Born: Space Twins , the story of Jess and Walter continues now! When last we left them, Jess and Walter discovered the gnomes' reason for allowing them onto their base.  As the story continues, the twins struggle to make a decision that will impact not only their future, but also the future of myriad human races they only recently learned existed.   If you need to catch up or would like to refresh your memory, find all previous chapters of Mission Born: Space Twins below. Chapter 1  Ghosts Chapter 2  The Adventure Continues Chapter 3  Sound the Alarm! Chapter 4  Will Wally Make It? Chapter 5  Twins Divided Chapter 6  World's Apart Chapter 7  Escape from Planet Orc Chapter 8  Twin's Flight Chapter 9  Docked in Space Chapter 10  Knowledge Unbound If you're ready to continue, then we're ready for you.  Carry on, dear friends.                Sitting in their quarters and looking out the window onto the spaceport, Jess sighe

April - An Idea for Every Day Calendar - Week 1

Your April calendar delivered . When we make our Idea for Every Day Calendars, we do it with you and your learner(s) in mind.  We select a holiday for every day and sieve through treasure troves on the internet in search of complementary link pairings.  Sometimes the links are academic in nature, sometimes they work on social-emotional development, and other times they are purely for your entertainment.  But always, we select them with care.  We only choose activities that we would want to engage in with the littles in our lives and hope that you will find them useful for the littles in yours. This month, we'll reveal one week at a time so we can provide detail about each daily activity.  If you're the type that would rather fill out your schedule as far into the future as possible, then download your April calendar now , and get to planning. Get your April Idea for Every Day Calendar Here! If, however, you're the type that lives day-by-day and likes to hear all

Victoria's Comprehension Activities

We promised the day would come, and so it has.  Today, we release to the world comprehension activities to complement the story of Victoria Cogsworth, the STEAM Team Technologist.  If you have yet to meet her, no worries, your time is now.  You may read her story online , or download the Wolfe Pack for her story and more. Overview In the pack, you'll find before, during and after reading activities to engage your learners.  Furthermore, we believe in meeting not just the needs of the learners, but also the needs of the leaders.  To this end, you'll find five levels of scaffolding for learners and a selection of instructional styles for leaders.   Before Reading Based on Silas' story , discuss predictions regarding Victoria and explore what a technologist might do.  We've included options for a class-based discussion, small group discussions, and a worksheet for independent thinking.  So, choose the option that works best for you, leaders! Then, prepare

Reclaiming Marriage as a Blessing

(Updated 2/9/2024.) Your marriage is meant to be beautiful.   It’s meant to be a gift.   Do you know that?   God’s design of marriage is symbolic of the love Jesus has toward His church ( Ephesians 5:22-32 ).   That never-ending, self-sacrificing, all-consuming love.   Does your marriage feel that way?   Are you enjoying your marriage?   Do you feel blessed by it?   To be honest, I don’t always feel blessed in my marriage.   There are times my marriage is not enjoyable, and perhaps the furthest model from Jesus’ love for His church that you can imagine. Sometimes it even leaves me wondering: In an attempt to answer these questions, we’ll explore current cultural views on marriage, compare it with a Biblical perspective on marriage, and then discuss ways we might come to view marriage as a blessing and yes, even to rejoice in it. Current Cultural Views on Marriage More popular than ever before is the notion to not even get married.   Described as antiquated, th

Ashlynn and Alexander: The STEAM Team Engineers

Ashlynn and Alexander, the latest additions to the STEAM Team, await your introduction here.  If you have yet to meet the other members, please do stop by and say hello to: Silas, the Scientist Victoria, the Technologist But for now, please do go on and meet Ashlynn and Alexander.  They've been waiting to meet you. Ashlynn turned to Alexander and snapped, “WE need to get the project going, kinda like soon, if you get my drift.”   Alex shrugged his shoulders as he stared into his new book, well old book but new to him.   “We have time sis.   Besides, we need the tail for it before we can finish anyways.”   Ashlynn looked annoyed and turned back to the saw table, putting her goggles back in place, as the whine of the saw began.   Sawdust flew all around her like fairy dust, but with a woody smell and not sparkly at all.   She absolutely loved to shape wood, she would do it with a knife and had several small figurines laying all over her office table off in