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August Week 1 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 7/15/2022) The final month of summer is upon us. I hope it finds you well, with summertime goals accomplished and plans for the fall filling your mind. Although, I have to say, I was not prepared to see Halloween costumes and pumpkin spice coffee already shelved at stores. Anyone else feel like it was March just yesterday? It has been a year! This summer has definitely been eventful for us. Our highlight from last week was witnessing my brother's wedding. It was beautiful! And we felt honored to witness it. It fills our hearts with joy to see and share in his joy. What was your highlight from last week? We'd love to hear about it! Just comment below,  or shoot us an email (mr or We're looking forward to hearing from you! If you're here, you're likely looking for engaging ideas to share with your learner, and we're here because we want to help. In our "Idea for Every Day" posts, we choose holidays for every day and pair them

July Week 5 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 7/14/2022) As each new month approaches, I am convinced that it catches me by surprise every time. August looms leaders. We're here to help you get ready for it. Whether you're getting ready to go back into the classroom, begin a year of homeschooling or you're looking for activities for your learners to do today, we're stewing on resources for you. Our desire is to help breathe fun into learning and we attempt to achieve that goal by pairing daily holidays with activities for your Preschool to Sixth Grade learner. The activities chosen range from academic to social emotional to just plain fun, and we only choose activities that we would consider doing with the learners in our lives. We hope your learner loves them as much as we think our learners will.  Check out the upcoming holidays ranging from July 26, 2020 to August 1, 2020 (click the link to "jump" to the correlating day's description). Aunt & Uncle's Day   (July 26th Annually) - Pu

July Week 4 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 7/8/2022) As we near the end of July and the days get shorter, we realize our time for summer is coming to an end too. Likely, thoughts of school are buzzing through your head: "How's it going to be different this year? What can I do to make my learner feel safe and secure? How long will my well-laid plans last?" These questions zoom through my head too, leader. And we need to muster our courage and lead with confidence knowing God goes before us and walks alongside us. We are never alone. Standing in the love and grace of God, we lead with confidence knowing that because God is fearless, we can be fearless too! We will face this next school year, with all of it's uncertainty and unfamiliarity, with confidence - because we lean on Our Rock who never changes. Taking confidence in God as a cue, our learners will bloom. He knows the plans He has for us, and we trust in that. Period. In an effort to aid you in finding encouragement for each passing day, we've