Victoria's Comprehension Activities

We promised the day would come, and so it has.  Today, we release to the world comprehension activities to complement the story of Victoria Cogsworth, the STEAM Team Technologist.  If you have yet to meet her, no worries, your time is now.  You may read her story online, or download the Wolfe Pack for her story and more.


In the pack, you'll find before, during and after reading activities to engage your learners.  Furthermore, we believe in meeting not just the needs of the learners, but also the needs of the leaders.  To this end, you'll find five levels of scaffolding for learners and a selection of instructional styles for leaders.  

Before Reading

Based on Silas' story, discuss predictions regarding Victoria and explore what a technologist might do.  We've included options for a class-based discussion, small group discussions, and a worksheet for independent thinking.  So, choose the option that works best for you, leaders!

Then, prepare your learners for the story with vocabulary instruction.  Choose from scaffolded vocabulary charts, a Victoria-inspired vocabulary sketchbook, or technology based "eVocabulary."  With eVocabulary, learners create a tweet, PowerPoint slide, Instagram post or TrackStar guide.  Check out the Twitter planning sheet:

During Reading

Vocabulary covered, predictions made, it's time to read!  We recommend reading through the story for enjoyment the first time.  Allow your learners to engage fully in the story without added workload.  Then, after the first read through, use our reciprocal teaching tools to dig deeper.  To assist you, we've created a reciprocal teaching explanation sheet along with a teacher-led reading guide and a student-led think sheet.  After reading using reciprocal teaching once, don't be alarmed if it remains a faithful staple in your teaching arsenal.

After Reading

Now that you know Victoria and Silas, our post-reading activities focus on a deeper understanding of these two characters.  To round up this Wolfe Pack, choose between a scaffolded character sketch or scaffolded character comparison.  Bring out their inner artist with the character sketch or inner writer with character comparison.  Feast on a sampling of the character sketch scaffolding:

Leaders, you haven't seen all of it, but I hope this gives you an idea of what you'll discover in our Wolfe Pack.  Download yours today and get to working; we pass the torch to you!

At your service,

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