February 2022 | Blank, Holiday, and Personal Growth Calendars

2nd month into 2022 - that's a lot of 2's. How are you holding up? Is the weather cold? Are you ready for heart-warming activities? Are you ready to RAISE the heat on some life changes? If so, we're here to help. 

Here's what we're offering on the February 2022 Wolfe Stew menu:

If you're still craving ideas for EVERY day, find previous year listings below:
Also, consider sampling our JOY for Today posts, where we aim to celebrate selected days throughout the year with you.

February 2022 GROWTH for Today Calendars

These "GROWTH for Today" calendars are new in 2022! Choose from a faith-based or secular perspective. Set aside time each day to do the activity and GROW to RISE with us.

(Faith-based version on Slide 2.)

Whether you choose the Biblical or secular calendar, the theme and goal of February 2022 are the same:

  • Theme: RISE. 
  • GoalTake steps toward personal changes you CHOOSE to make

Each week, you'll:

  • Read about a Bible character or historical figure.
  • Journal in response to the reading.
  • Ask someone else a question related to the week's theme.
  • Listen to a song related to the theme.
  • Complete an activity to further explore your thoughts.
  • Engage in a weekly challenge that exercises the week's skill. 
  • Memorize a related verse, quote, or lyric (browse our choices).
The activities are designed to be relatively short, but impactful. Throughout the year, we hope you refine what you believe in, solidify what you are willing to stand for, and GROW in courage to FIGHT your battles. Know you're not alone; we are in it with you!

BLANK 2022 Calendar

These Blank Calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly Bible verses or inspirational quotes

February 2022's challenge: daily document a way you RISE above your usual (however small).

A wooden background with large red hearts center left. A black and pink themed calendar in foreground.
Download your 2022 faith FIGHT calendar.

A heart balloon float against a blue sky background with a black and pink themed calendar in the foreground.
Download your 2022 inspirational FIGHT calendar.

February 2022 Song Lyric Inspiration

"Can't you hear the voice of Jesus calling us / Out from the grave like Lazarus?" - Cain "Rise Up"

 "I dare you to move / I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor." - Switchfoot "Dare You to Move"


As we sign off, we leave you with this thought: any fight that makes us better is a good fight. It is worth your time and worth your effort. Keep going; keep fighting. We need your strength!

Fighting the good fight with you, 
Red bowl with gray steam rising from top, Wolfe Stew written on front of bowl.


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