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Courageous Follower Day | JOY for Today

Being labeled a follower is not generally desirable. But, if the leader you courageously follow is truly good, then following will overflow into unspeakable JOY. Courageous Follower Day | March 4th Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five facts about following. Wolfe Stew Connects  To giving up your throne. Bible Verses and Quotes  About following. Activity Suggestions  Journal prompts, literary analysis, SEL discussion, team-building, discussion questions, and family challenge. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:   International Women's Day (March 8th Annually) Get Over It Day (March 9th Annually) National Good Samaritan Day (March 13th Annually) Did You Know: The traditional hierarchical style of leadership is fading? Organizations are encouraged to adapt to the needs of their followers instead of expecting followers to adapt to the expectations of leadership. ( ) There are five distinct followership styles?  According to Robert E. Kelley's model, the followership

Umbrella Day | JOY for Today

Happiness is happening to have an umbrella when it rains. JOY is holding an umbrella big enough to share with another. National Umbrella Day | February 10th Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five facts about umbrellas. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the importance of umbrellas. Bible Verses and Quotes  About umbrellas, coverings, and protection. Activity Suggestions  Art, books, weather, discussion questions, and family challenge. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:   National Inventors' Day (February 11th Annually) Valentine's Day (February 14th Annually) Ash Wednesday (46 Days Before Easter - February 14, 2024) Did You Know: Umbrellas were first used to protect us from the sun? And, as they were a sign of status, only the wealthy got to use them. ( Farmers' Almanac ) They date back 3,000 years?  Evidence of their existence is found in both China, Egypt, and other civilizations from 3,000 years ago. At that time, the covering was feather, leaves, paper, or silk, with the suppo

February 2024 | Calendars

Leaders! It's cold here!! Is it cold where you are, too? Even though it is cold, we are finding warmth in sticking with our 2024 goals and even making new ones. We want to encourage you in keeping yours (and even making new ones), too. And, we want to remind you that what you pay attention to, matters. It shapes your thoughts, which shape your attitude, which then affects what you spend your time on, and how you treat others. So, we're gently suggesting that this February you spend time thinking about what you are focusing on and how it is affecting you . Then, if needed, make some adjustments.  If one of the things you'd like to focus on is bringing more JOY into your home or classroom, we have a few ideas for you. Our February 2024 offerings include: February 2024 Ideas for  Every  Day Calendar  (family friendly, educational)  February 2024 Growth for Today Calendar  (personal growth, Isaiah study) Blank 2024 Calendars   Bible verses  Inspirational Quotes February 2024 Id

Proverbs 31: Week 8 | The Wolfe Notes

Welcome to Week 8 of Proverbs 31! This week we're talking about uplifting each other and we're doing it by studying gates, relationship roles, and God. If you'd like to go back to one of our previous stops, let our " Wolfe Notes " guide you.  Week One  set the background for our study and defined valuable.  Week Two  began our examination of Proverbs 31:10.  Week Three  finished our interpretation of Proverbs 31:10 and introduced Proverbs 31:29. Week Four  delved into Proverbs 31:29 research and interpretations. Week Five  wrapped up valuable and introduced uplifting. Week Six  focused on Proverbs 31:11. Week Seven wrapped up Proverbs 31:11 and introduced 31:23. If you're ready to travel with us, welcome! Grab your February calendar with daily activities, the lamp for your feet (the Bible ), and let's get going! We're journeying through the concluding poem of Proverbs  and we're so glad you decided to walk along this road with us! Imagine as we w

Tell a Fairy Tale Day | JOY for Today

What's your favorite fairy tale? What part of it brings you JOY? Now, find a way to connect that JOY to your life. While you may not encounter any dragons, fairies, or poisoned apples today, we do believe your happily ever after is coming. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Three we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To a fairy tale life. Bible Verses and Quotes  About fairy tales. Activity Suggestions  for telling and discussing fairy tales. Last Year's Post : Ash Wednesday Day (46 days before Easter) Did You Know: Fairy tales are not just for kids? Fairy tales, loosely defined, are stories with mythical creatures, a plot centered on good versus evil, and are told from generation to generation. Some fairy tales are written with children in mind, and others for adults. Many of the popular fairy tales we know today were originally written for adults but altered for children. ( American Literature   and Love to Know ) The Grimm Brother's tales and Hans Christian Anderson

Be Humble Day | Joy for Today

The JOY of the Lord is our strength! ( Nehemiah 8:10 ) A choice to be humble takes great strength. So, it is a good thing that God offers you abundantly more than you can ever imagine! Let us trust in Him to help us lead and love in humility. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  One we did; four we never considered. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the model of humility. Bible Verses and Quotes  About humility. Activity Suggestions  to practice and discuss humility. Last Year's Post : Presidents' Day (February's Third Monday) Did You Know: Humility is often considered a negative character trait?  Commonly, people believe a humble person is self-degrading, insecure in their abilities, and lacks passion. Because of these misconceptions, workers who display humility are less likely to be promoted. Yet, in actuality, humility characterizes a person whose abundant confidence enables them to help others, allowing their actions to speak for them. ( Forbes ,  Time , and Aleteia ) Humbl