The Wisdom of Ants - As Penned by Solomon

Sluggards! You’re back! Clearly, you’ve embraced the idea that you are, indeed, a sluggard and you’re back to obtain morsels of wisdom from the ant. If you so desire, (and haven’t already) consider checking out reasons I think King Solomon chose the ant as a source of wisdom and my interpretation of what life might be like as an ant.

In this post, l delve into the wisdom King Solomon directly pens in Proverbs.

The wisdom of King Solomon regarding the ant states:

Habits of an ant verse.

Three morsels of provision I’m storing from this portion of scripture follow, presented first is the human application followed by an “Ant Mode” challenge.

Three pieces of wisdom inspired by King Solomon, interpreted by me because of ants.

1. No one tells the ant what to do, yet it still acts.

Human Application

Imagine how your life would be different if every time you saw something that needed doing you just did it. Imagine how your household would change if your family got on board. What about your place of employment? Your neighborhood?

Ant Mode Challenge

Choose one thing that you’ve been meaning to do and make a plan RIGHT NOW to do it. If it’s something that will take a few minutes: Get up. Now. Get it done. Then come back and continue. If it’s something that takes longer, choose a date or time to do it and write it on your calendar. Set an alarm on your phone. Break down the steps you need to take to get it done. If you can get step one done today, do it today. No more excuses. We got this! Just turn on ant mode.

2. An ant gathers its fruit at the harvest.

Human Application

Enjoy life. When opportunity knocks – act. An ant does not harvest fruit that’s underripe nor wait until it is rotten. It acts when the fruit is ready, when the fruit is at the ideal stage for consumption. 

Ant Mode Challenge

Identify the area in your life that is at the ideal stage for consumption. What can you do TODAY to enjoy it more?

 Is there anything in your life that is ready for consumption that you’ve missed because of your sluggardity? Consider each area: your responsibilities, relationships, future planning, life fulfillment, and trust. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 19:15 (links to BibleHub) that when we are lazy, we fall asleep. We miss opportunities around us because we don’t see them. Ask God to open your eyes as you reconsider your list. What fruit is ready for harvesting around you that you’ve missed because of your habits. What can you do TODAY to harvest that fruit?

3. An ant stores its provisions in the summer.

Human Application

The Hebrew word used for summer here means “to awake” (links to Bible Hub. Scroll to the bottom under the “Lexicon” heading.) So, when you’ve awoken and identified your provisions – the fruits you’re now harvesting - store away what you have.

Ant Mode Challenge

After identifying your area(s) of provision, find a way to store away these provisions for a time of lack. Maybe it’s tangible, like finances. If so, that’s easy; you know what to do there. But for the spiritual, relational, mental, intangible aspects, you might need to be a little cleverer. How can you take your “intangible” provisions and make them tangible? My advice would be to apply your talents here. Journal about the celebrations. Keep a memory book. Make videos. Artwork. Build memorials. Consider all the times God instructs the Israelites to make a memorial or ritual so that whenever they pass it or partake in it, they can recount the story of God’s goodness to them (Bridge to the Bible, details 10 examples of Biblical memorials here.). That’s what you’re looking for here. What tangible object or ritual represents my intangible provisions that I can store for the future? An object that I might pick up or routine I might undergo to remember the provisions I once had during a time when I experience lack in the same area.

To aid you in your thought process, consider printing out our “As Penned by Solomon” companion guide. It lists the morsels and ant mode challenges with space to think through, document, and celebrate your commitment.

A think sheet to pair with the activities suggested in this post - wisdom from ants by King Solomon
Download your companion guide here.

There are other morsels of wisdom I’ve gathered by reading between the lines. Consider them part of my heavy lifting as an ant. I’m sure you’ve gathered different ones, and again, I’d love to hear them if you’d love to share them with me ( or comment below).

Until next time, Sluggards, I’m really encouraging you to get your “Ant Mode On.” Take on one of these three challenges. Or, go all in and do all three. I’m joining you in this journey. And remember, we’re not alone: we’re marching two-by-two.

If you're ready to march onward to the next stop in the ant series, "Communication as a Responsibility" awaits you.

With Love and Prayers, 

Seasoning life with a Christian husband and wife.

Sidenote: When I told my nephew I was working on a series of blog posts about ants, he asked, “What is it called, ‘About Ants by an Aunt?’ Hmmm. Might have to change my title. Anyway, onwards!

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