The Wisdom of Ants - Examining My Inner Sluggard

Welcome Sluggards! You’ve reached Part Three in "The World of Ants: The Wisdom of Ants." Find the previous parts, “Go to the Ant,” and, “An Ant’s Ways,” at these respective links.

Initially, I thought I could contain “The Wisdom of Ants” in one post. However, once I began contemplating the morsels of Wisdom, I realized they would be easier to digest if served in bite-sized morsels instead of as a full meal. The first morsel is accepting that we are all sluggards.

Verse over the top of an ant walking along a stick with grass in the background.

Because Solomon specifically addresses the sluggard, it’s easy to dismiss this verse as, “not applicable to me,” and move on. But I urge you to s-l-o-w down. I want you to consider that King Solomon just might be addressing you here. Perhaps not in the obvious ways, but in the introspective ways, I think you might come to realize King Solomon means you, too.

To begin, let’s define sluggard. According to, a sluggard is:

“A person who is habitually inactive or lazy.”

Again, your initial reaction is likely to check out. “Nope. I told you. Not me.”

Or (like mine was), “Oh, yes. There are definitely people out there who need this verse.” Which is checking out by omission.

But I argue that ALL OF US are sluggards in some aspects of our lives. Maybe you work hard at your job but are a sluggard when you get home. Or maybe the work others see is outstanding, both in your place of employment and home; it’s the areas you can’t see that are lacking: The relational and spiritual aspects of your life are where you’re a sluggard. Or maybe it ebbs and flows: You’re really on a roll, keeping up pace, meeting all your mind, body, and soul goals for a while, but something throws a monkey wrench in your plans and you let some of it slide. You find yourself rationalizing your laziness:

A silhouette of a woman with thought bubbles reflecting why it's okay for her to not perform a task.

The reality is, we choose how to spend our time, and I’m willing to guess each one of us is guilty of being a sluggard in various vital aspects of our life at some point or another, and all have lessons to learn from the ant. So, take a minute. Go inside yourself with a magnifying glass and answer the question:

Where in my life am I a sluggard?

Consider the following areas:

1.       Responsibilities (Consider both outside and inside the home.)

2.       Relationships (Consider family, friends, self, colleagues.)

3.       Preparing for the Future (Consider personal and professional.)

4.       Life Fulfillment (Does my schedule reflect what I believe is important?)

5.       Trust (What motivates my decision making? Why do my choices matter?)

To help you, use this “Examining My Inner Sluggard” companion guide along with the “An Ant’s Ways” companion guide.

An organizer to aid you in self-examination of personal areas of laziness..

Now, answer the question. Write your answer down, or make sure it is firmly planted in your brain before you continue:

In what area of my life am I a sluggard?

As I looked back over my notes, I realized I am being a sluggard in EVERY area of my life in one way or another. I wanted to push the magnifying glass away; the heat was getting to me. BUT there is hope, friends. Hope in the ant.

Upcoming posts will outline wisdom I gleaned from ants. But I would love to hear what wisdom YOU gathered. So, if you would, consider shooting me an email ( We have a lot to learn from each other, and I am certain you will find morsels of wisdom that I left behind. We sluggards have to work together!

Until next time, Fellow Stones, find hope in knowing that you are not alone. You, like the ants, are watched over (Psalm 121:5-8 NIV Bible Gateway) in the strength (Psalm 28:7 ESV Bible Gateway) and love (I John 4:16 ESV Bible Gateway) of Our Heavenly Father who is faithful (2 Thessalonians 3:3 RSV Bible Gateway). Keep marching, Sluggards! We’re marching two-by-two.

If you're ready to march onward to the next stop in the ant series, "As Penned by Solomon," awaits you.

With Love and Prayers,

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