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It is here, dear friends, that we connect over a shared faith that binds deeply. While every relationship with God differs, He binds us in unity. Here, we invite you into our inner thoughts - our personal connections with God - and share the crumbs of truth, insight, and curiosity we pick up along the way. We pray God uses our words to stir your soul, to connect with you, to move you, to nourish you, and pray that we too are refined in the process. It's a learning journey: we know we don't have all the answers. It's thoughts in faith, a journey in faith - one we're inviting you to join in on. Please don't confuse our words as truth - only God is truth - but instead see them for what they are: ponderings of people seeking to know Jesus.


GROWTH for Today Resources

2023 GROWTH Journey: Studying the concluding poem of Proverbs 31.
2024 GROWTH Journey: Studying the Book of Isaiah

God and Nature

Coincidence or God's Design?
Read how God made the connection between these two seemingly unrelated things for me.

The World of Ants

Go to the Ant
"Go to the ant," King Solomon bids in Proverbs.  But why the ant?  This blog begins the ant-alysis.

Consider an ant's ways: a suggestion found in Proverbs and deeply explored here. Transform into an ant with us and consider what God wants you to learn. *Includes a printable companion guide.

All Wisdom of Ants Posts (all with printable companion guides)

God of Every Season

Halloween for Saints
Look at Halloween in a new light. Then, march with me through All Saints Day into All Souls Day. Experience Allhallowtide in the light of faith.

Give Thanks
Join us in our Thanksgiving Challenge. Let's enter into this season with Thanksgiving in our hearts and gratitude on our minds!

Christmas Time Is Here
Join us as we decimate expectation mountain and replace it with Jesus - one shovelful at a time.

Are You a Herod or a Herald?
Are you being a Herod or a herald? How can you get from one to the other? In this blog, we'll explore what that means and invite popular Christmas characters to join in with us.

Lent Challenge
I'm issuing a challenge and hoping you'll join me! This Lent let's withhold some part of ourselves to bring good to others.

A Relational God

A Stone in the Wall
You are a stone in the wall of believers. Discover how God is using you, and those around you, to showcase His power.

Reclaiming Marriage as a Blessing
Is there hope for marriage? Do you see your marriage as a blessing? Are you rejoicing in it? Did you know God wants you to? Read along to explore these and other thoughts regarding marriage.

Let God Be Your Self-Help Manual

You're Never Alone
Find out why you're not alone getting through this Halloween to Christmas season.

What's Your Dream
Do you have a dream in your heart, but you're not sure if you should act on it? Then this blog is for you! Walk with me through these five steps to determine if your dream is worth pursuing.

Two-Step Decision Making
Is decision making a struggle for you? Does just the thought of it make your skin crawl? Walk with me through this journey of trying to make decisions with confidence, knowing God is the one in control.

A Three-Part Series on David

Diving with David
Dive with me into the story of David and Goliath. Consider how this epic story applies to you. The first in a three-part series.

Sticks and Stones
Sticks and stones may break bones, but words do hurt. Remind yourself to shut out the noise and look to the one who loves you.  The second in a three-part series of posts inspired by David and Goliath.

Your Armor Looks Good on You
David knew Saul's armor was not for him. What about you? Are you trying to use someone else's weaponry and armor? The final post in a three-part series inspired by David and Goliath.


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