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                Porn is an addiction.  It’s kinda like those alcoholics movies where the guy makes it 90 days and gets recognition he made it that far.  Porn is a sin of the flesh.  I know of all of this because I have been dealing with it since I was 11.  I have learned that the Devil attacks me through the flesh, constantly.  He never gives up, and the only place you can find solace is in God’s hands.  Turn to him, always. 

                My addiction to porn started with a suitcase full of porn in our garage.  My stepfather owned it, and left it out there easy to be found.  I don’t really remember how we found it, just that we did.  My brother and I.  The images blazed in my mind, turned my flesh to tingling.  It made me feel exhilarated, especially when I felt down.  I never thought any girl would ever want me.  So I found myself drawn to women who would give me everything, and my desire took over.  Whenever I was angry or sad, I became driven to porn.  It made me feel better.  After, I would find myself down again and ashamed.

                The Devil depends on our shame.  He drives us through the flesh to a point where our sin will cause ultimate shame.  He wants our shame to drive us away from God.  If we believe we do not deserve to be forgiven, then he has won.  We need to turn to God, always.

                The aftereffects of an addiction to porn are many.  We live in the base of our brain, where fear reigns.  We view women as objects, because we only see depictions of them wanting sex.  We feel shame all the time.  We are sparked by images of women, which you find everywhere online and on every type of media.  It is not fair how many images there are, everywhere, which spark the porn fever in young men.  These images surround us in our daily lives. 

                Do not blame the young men of our age for their porn addictions.  They are created.  My stepfather and several other men view this as a normal thing.  Good men, good fathers, need to stand up and stop this!  It is a hidden sin.  Now even easier access to those images through the use of cellphones and the internet.  These images plague the internet.  They are literally everywhere, hugely accessible.  You will never know if your son has an addiction to porn, unless you bring it to the light.  Converse with them, make sure they don’t follow down this path.  It is a hard path to find your way off.  You have to have willpower to follow God.  Put a Bible app on your phone.  Give yourself a way to God on your technology, or the Devil will take advantage of it.  The moment you feel the trigger, you have to seek God.  That very moment!  Because the Devil will steer you after that moment.  You need God. 


                Overall, don’t make the mistakes that were made in my life.  Don’t underestimate the effect of sexy pictures or rated PG-13 movies that expose too much.  They have an effect.  Talk to your kids about sex and porn, make sure they know the danger.  Expose the lies!  Free your children from a life filled with porn.  Banish the Devil of the flesh, Porn, with Truth.

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