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In this corner of Wolfe Stew, you'll find a cozy, quiet place to relax and get lost in a good read.  Our original literary creations surround you.  Make your selection, get comfortable, then dive in.  Stay as long as you like - Wolfe Stew is always open!

Mission Born: Space Twins

Chapter 1 Ghosts
Chapter 2 The Adventure Continues
Chapter 3 Sound the Alarm!
Chapter 4 Will Wally Make It?
Chapter 5 Twins Divided
Chapter 6 World's Apart
Chapter 7 Escape from Planet Orc
Chapter 8 Twin's Flight
Chapter 9 Docked in Space
Chapter 10 Knowledge Unbound
Chapter 11 Decisions
Chapter 12 Training
Chapter 13 An Unexpected Adventure
Chapter 14 Old Friends
Chapter 15 Destination Unknown
Chapter 16 Urlanna's Favor
Chapter 17 Project: Shield
Chapter 18 Countdown
Chapter 19 Bright Lights
Chapter 20 The Choice


Silas, the Scientist
Victoria, the Technologist
Ashlynn and Alexander, the Engineers
Jordanna, the Artist



The Divorced Son: Part 1 Reflections on my beginnings.
The Divorced Son: Part 2 Reflections on my brother, school days, and sports.
The Divorced Son: Part 3 Reflections on sin.
The Divorced Son: Part 4 Reflections on being spoiled.
The Divorced Son: Part 5 Reflections on my mom's mom.
The Divorced Son: Part 6 Reflections on dad's mom.
The Divorced Son: Part 7 Reflections on my dad.
The Divorced Son: Part 8 Reflections on my mom's dad.
The Divorced Son: Part 9 Reflections on God.
The Divorced Son: Part 10 Reflections on purpose.
The Divorced Son: Part 11 Reflections on porn.
The Divorced Son: Part 12 Reflections on my brother.


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