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Why Wolfe Stew? Let's break it down into pieces:
  • Wolf(e) - having a very eager approach to an activity
  • Stew - cooked, using a variety of ingredients, over a long period of time
When combined we get:
 a husband and wife team who eagerly combine a variety of carefully chosen resources and ideas to produce a heart-warming result

Now that you know what we are, we invite you to come on in, browse the menu, make your selection, then settle on in.  We’re so glad you’re here and hope you find offerings that pique your interest, ignite your heart, and spark your creativity.  Allow us to explain the menu. 

On the first page, you’ll find our Reading Nook.  Listed within find all our original literary creations.  Sit back.  Relax.  Enjoy the read.

Immediately following that is the Learning Lab .  If you’re a Leader of Littles, in any capacity, we’re here to serve you!  Organized by age, subject area, themes and seasons, we hope you’ll find our selections suitable.  If not, fill out our Made to Order QUIZine form, and we’ll attempt to satisfy your unique cravings. 

Glance over our next offering: Faith Food.  You’ll find food to fill your soul here.  If you’re looking for a deep, serious, encouraging, maybe even life-changing kind of experience, full of Jesus, this is the page for you! 

Flip to the next page where we invite you into Our Kitchen.  You’re invited to witness our food related successes (and failures) and be asked for your input along the way.  We’re always open to new ideas – especially when it comes to food!

We end the menu with the Reviews section.  Browse our thoughts on books, movies, games and more.  Then join in the conversation!  We’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Thank you for your interest in Wolfe Stew!  If you’re ready to make your selection, you’re invited to head that way now.  If, however, you’d like to learn more about the chefs in the kitchen, read on!

Who are We?

We are a husband (Sean) and wife (Elizabeth) team who share passions in educating children, building our relationships with each other and with God, eating dinner around a table, reading as many books as we can handle and writing (though each to different ends).

Sean is the crafter of stories.  The builder of worlds.  His works mainly reside in the Reading Nook.  He has a passion for story-telling that Elizabeth does not (yet) share.  Likely adding to this passion is his penchant for role-playing; the two go hand-in-hand, wouldn’t you agree?

Elizabeth’s passion, not (yet) shared by Sean is in resource creation.  Passions of Elizabeth’s that Sean will likely never share include playing piano and baking. 

What Do We Do?

Sean teaches third grade online to a group of forty learners. A new endeavor to him in many regards: first time in third grade, first time teaching online, and first time in a new district. If you’re a teacher, you likely are sympathetic to this undertaking. All of us are navigating unfamiliar territory during the time of COVID. But, together, we're rising to meet the challenge presented and we know every challenge makes us stronger. Indeed, connecting with students during difficult times in their lives is where Sean’s teaching passion, like the gut-wrenching, this is why I do this, teaching passion lies.

Elizabeth manages Wolfe Stew and feels blessed with the opportunity. Not only does operating Wolfe Stew give her the opportunity to support her family, it also allows her to reach out, connect with, and maybe even help all of you in whatever capacity that may be. It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s often downright terrifying - but she’s all in!

Dreams for the Future

If money were not a factor, we would really love to run our own daycare, private school or some type of education facility. We really thrive when we work side-by-side. So far, our favorite work-related year was when we were able to co-teach kindergarten. Wolfe Stew currently serves to partially fulfill this desire and we’re excited to see where it leads!

Thank you for sticking around to read more about us!  If you get the chance, drop us an email (mr@wolfestew.com or mrs@wolfestew.com) or find us on social media and give us a chance to learn more about you.

Welcome to the kitchen!  Come see what's stewing!

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