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Seasoning life with a husband and wife
"Seasoning life with a Christian husband and wife."

Why Wolfe Stew? 

A picture of the husband and wife creators of Wolfe Stew with a waterfall in the background.

Because we are Wolfes (it's our last name) and S.T.E.W. is what we do:
  • Sean 
  • Teaches
  • Elizabeth
  • Writes
Although we do both interchangeably and collaboratively.

How do we season life? 

  • By offering our unique "seasonings" or viewpoints and asking you to add yours.
  • By changing blog offerings and appearances seasonally.

What do we offer?

Where else might you find us?

Thanks for dropping by! We are so glad YOU are here seasoning our life. 

Welcome to the kitchen! Come see what's STEWing.

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