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Welcome to Our Kitchen

Come on in, take a seat, and either sit back and relax, or jump up and join in.  We’re glad you’re here!

Our Thoughts on Food

We believe eating should be enjoyed.  It’s necessary for life, obviously, but for us it’s a part of life that provides comfort, entertainment and nutrition.  In the words of the Mr., “It’s the one part of life I have complete control over, so I don’t like it when it’s messed with.” 

We don’t follow a strict diet.  So, if you’re on one, you’ll have unique insight to contribute in Our Kitchen.  We do, however, have a couple of picky eaters in this household, (although some of them are in denial) so have that to contend with.   As the Mr. is diabetic, we also try to somewhat control our carbohydrates.  When first diagnosed, we were very rigid about our carbohydrate intake, but now we just attempt to eat them in moderation.

We’ve come to realize that food is, in a way, a reflection of a family.  Each family comes to enjoy food in their own unique way.  We have our preferences, but we’re always open to suggestion and enjoy hearing other viewpoints.  I mean, come on, if there’s some piece of heaven on earth we might be missing out on we want to hear about it!  And that, my dear friends, is where you come in: to help us fulfill the dreams for Our Kitchen at Wolfe Stew.

Dreams for Our Kitchen at Wolfe Stew

While you’re in Our Kitchen, we invite you to come talk around the table with us.  Our vision is for Our Kitchen to provide a welcoming platform for food discussion.  We are in no way, shape, or form food experts; we’ll never profess to be.  But we do like our food, and we’re willing learners.  So, we’re looking to start a conversation about food and would love it if you’d join us.  We’ll share what we’re cooking and ask you a lot of questions along the way.  We really hope to hear from you too.  We just ask, as in any conversation here on Wolfe Stew, that we respect each other.  While heat is necessary in a kitchen, it doesn’t need to be around the table.  And now, friends, we warmly invite you to browse our menu, make your selection then offer your contribution.  We're all ears!

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 Beef Stroganoff
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