Chicken Soup for the Soul Day


If you're following along  with our Idea for Everyday Calendar, you know today is National Love Your Red Hair Day.  I'm curious as to whether or not any of you celebrated with a red-haired character?  There are some really great ideas out there for each of the suggested characters on the calendar, the most popular ones being Fancy Nancy and Anne of Green Gables.   Remember to check out our Pinterest board for even more ideas to tickle your fancy.  We're trying to keep the board a week ahead of the action.  Also, we'd love your suggestions!  Have a pin you think should be added to the board?  Share it with us.  We'd love your contribution!

Talking about staying a week ahead, a week from today is Chicken Soup for the Soul day.  The suggested activity on the calendar is to share a Chicken Soup story with your littles (The Seed and The Race appear online at  Define what qualifies as a "Chicken Soup" story.  Then, encourage them to share one of their own.  This could be through writing, conversation, or drawing, whatever is appropriate for your littles.

However, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that 1) Chicken Soup does accept story submissions and 2) it is NaNoWriMo season.  Point being, imagine your littles working up a writing storm along with us, and then submitting it to Chicken Soup.  How fun!  How heart-warming!  Like eating a bowl of chicken soup. :)  Mmm, mmm good. *Ahem*  Sorry.  Got carried away there.  When your littles' submission is accepted, or even when it's submitted, submit it to us, too.  We'll happily be a conduit for sharing budding authors' works.

An invitation to write for your learner.

Here is a link for Chicken Soup for the Soul story submission guidelines.

Here is a link to the NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program for Educators - for littles ready for novel writing.

Here is NaNoWriMo in all it's glory, for any of you leaders who want to embrace the challenge.

Here is the email ( where you can submit your work for posting at Wolfe Stew (not quite Chicken Soup for the Soul, but created with heart-warming intentions in mind).

And here is to hopes of a heart-warming tomorrow!

With Love from the Kitchen,

Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  

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