November - An Idea for Everyday Calendar

(Updated 10/6/2022)
Can you believe it, Leaders?

November is only a week away!   It doesn't seem like it should be.  Does it feel like the year only started to you, too?

Today we unveil our November Idea for Everyday Calendar. We hope that it will serve you well throughout the month and this month is a fun one! We bet you have a file folder full of activities to do and we hope you'll share some of them with us. We'd love to hear about your favorites! If you're looking to diversify those activities, or maybe your file folder is thin, we'd love to share some of ours.

November welcomes a wide range of National Days. Some of which help us prepare for the big holiday at the end of the month. You know it - Thanksgiving!  Days such as Chicken Soup for the Soul Day, World Kindness Day, National Gingerbread Cookie Day, National Cranberry Relish Day, and Tie One On Day. There are other days that will just be fun, like Mickey Mouse's Birthday, Play Monopoly Day and Absurdity Day. Still others just lend themselves well to education: Author's Day and STEAM Day.  Leaders, we also chose days designed for you to take care of you, and we sincerely hope you do just that on these days!

So, while it may seem too soon, November is upon us.  But don't be alarmed, we believe it has a lot of gratitude, relaxation, fun, and memories in store for you and your learner.

New this month - our Pinterest board.  We have a board just for November Ideas for Everyday with even more ways to celebrate. Come by and visit. We'd love to see you there!

And now, without further ado, here is your November Idea for Everyday Calendar:

Academic, social emotional and just plain fun ideas for every day in November with accompanying link pairings.
To get the printable version, click here.

Print it, post it, pin it, paperclip it. Whatever your style is, put it somewhere as a reminder. Then, when you're planning, looking for an activity to fill in a gap somewhere, or just need something different, glance at it. We hope it fills that gap, providing you with an activity that adds desired variety. Then, share! We would love to hear from you.  Tell us which activity really resonated with your learners. How did you change an idea to make it work better for you?  What kind of ideas would you like to see more of?  Less of?

Finally, and most importantly, thank YOU for being here!  We are SO glad you came!

With Love from the Kitchen,

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