October 2021 | Blank and Holiday Calendars

(Updated 9/2/2022)

This is the Idea for Every Day October 2021 Edition with a new twist. Thanks to inspiration from my mother, I thought maybe people would prefer quick and snappy ideas of ways to celebrate each October Day in addition to the ones that require more involved planning. You'll find:

We hope this October finds you and yours healthy and happy, and know you're always in our prayers.

October 2021 Idea for Every Day Calendar

We paired daily holidays with family-friendly and educational links to help you celebrate EVERY day this October. Choose from the embed version or print your own.

Blank October 2021 Calendars

Use these blank calendars in a way that suits you. I use mine for menu planning. How do you use yours? We'd love to know in the comments below.

This month's challenge: Each day write a fear you overcame.

Bible Verse

The Bible verse: "So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 NIV
Get the BLANK 2021 October Calendar with featured Bible Verse

Inspirational Quote

Orange, black and yellow color scheme featuring pumpkins with the quote "Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.
Get the BLANK 2021 October Calendar with featured Inspirational Quote

31 Things to Do this October

Each number corresponds to its date and paired holiday.

  1. Read a book with a slice of pizza.
  2. Do someone else's chore for them.
  3. Take a walk and enjoy the autumn leaves.
  4. Enjoy a cinnamon roll.
  5. Do something unexpectedly nice for an unsuspecting person.
  6. Watch or start reading Alice in Wonderland.
  7. Every time you look in a mirror today, remind yourself what makes you truly beautiful lies under the surface.
  8. Play tag!
  9. Check your fire alarms.
  10. Say a prayer for your pastor.
  11. Go out on an adventure to find something new!
  12. Say "no" to one purchase today and put that money aside for another use.
  13. Make a commitment to stand up to bullying. 
  14. Do an online vision screener (links to essilor.com).
  15. Remember, it's okay to be a grouch sometimes. Give extra love to someone who seems grouchy today.
  16. Get cozy with yarn by wearing or using something made from it.
  17. Eat pasta!
  18. Intentionally take note of and appreciate the diversity that exists all around you.
  19. Strike up a conversation with someone new.
  20. Lift up the youth in your life by sharing with them the good you see in them.
  21. Learn something new about a reptile.
  22. Wear your favorite color.
  23. Remind yourself that what you do does matter and keep on keeping on!
  24. Rethink your schedule this week and plan time for yourself.
  25. Balance your budget and make a financial goal for the upcoming month.
  26. Pick out a pumpkin to carve.
  27. Watch a movie about the Navy (links to nationalinsterest.org).
  28. Read the poem "The New Colossus" (links to nps.gov) by Emma Lazarus to remind yourself what Lady Liberty stands for and how that applies to your life.
  29. Celebrate cats by giving yours some extra love or by enjoying a film or book featuring a cat. Garfield anyone? (links to gocomics.com)
  30. Munch on candy corn.
  31. Enjoy Halloween with your favorite traditions.

Before you go, we'd love to know:

  1. Your favorite October tradition.
  2. Your favorite hot beverage.
Have a wonderful October friends! Here's to hoping you find the JOY in every day.

At YOUR service,
Red bowl labeled "Wolfe Stew" with steam rising up.

Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.


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