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31 Things to Do in October 2021 - Family Friendly

This is the Idea for Every Day October 2021 Edition with a new twist. Thanks to inspiration from my mother, I thought maybe people would prefer quick and snappy ideas of ways to celebrate each October Day in addition to the ones that require more involved planning. You'll find: The October 2021 Idea for Every Day Calendar  - Embed or Printable Blank October 2021 Calendars featuring a Bible verse or inspirational quote A Family Friendly list of 31 Things to Do in October 2021 - Post or Printable We hope this October finds you and yours healthy and happy, and know you're always in our prayers. October 2021 Idea for Every Day Calendar We paired daily holidays with family-friendly and educational links to help you celebrate EVERY day this October. Choose from the embed version or print your own . Blank October 2021 Calendars Use these blank calendars in a way that suits you. I use mine for menu planning. How do you use yours? We'd love to know in the comments below

An Idea for Every Day - October 2020 Edition

 I’m happy; it’s officially fall! Leaves are changing colors, some are even falling off trees, and it’s the season of soups and stews 😊 , baking and pumpkin spice. That chill in the air and the smell of leaves awakens my spirit and soothes my soul. I’m soaking it all in. All these signs hint at October’s arrival, and we’re here to help you prepare for it. With the changing of the seasons, we’re changing the style of delivery for our Idea for Every Day posts. In an effort to meet more of my blogging goals, we will return to posting the Idea for Every Day blogs to once a month, instead of the weekly ones we’ve been doing since March. I hope you’ll still find them helpful, and we’ll keep it pinned to the top of our blog for the entire month so you can quickly access it. We will also continue to communicate what the upcoming days are on social media, so do consider following us for those alerts ( Instagram , Twitter , Facebook or Pinterest for even MORE ideas). If you’re here for th