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While the Mr. accompanies the littlest of learners on ABC Nature Walks via YouTube, I support him here with practice portions. C is for Crab is our third guided nature walk. Find others at the appropriate link below:

Our C is for Crab nature walk will make these learning stops:

C is for Crab Practice Portions

A Playdough Mat

A large outline of a c. Learners are directed to shape c out of playdough and arrange them in the large c.
Your playdough mat awaits: Click here.

A Practice Page

5 activities to practice forming and identifying the letter c

Click here to start the learning adventure.

ABC Nature Walk: C is for Crab Video

For your convenience, the "ABC Nature Walk: C is for Crab" video appears below. Press play to start your experience. When finished, "stroll" below for even more.

5 Additional "C is for Crab" Activities

We're all about building learning step-by-step. The more ways your learner interacts with the "c is for crab" concept, the more defined his or her neural pathway becomes. We want clear brain trails because they lead to longer lasting learning. Continue paving the “C is for Crab" learning trail when you:

1. Observe Crabs and Make a Model Habitat

If crabs live near you:

  • Watch them.
  • Think about where they get water, food, and shelter.

If crabs don’t live near you,

Make the Model Habitat

  • Make a diorama using a shoebox and art supplies that shows a crab's food, water, and shelter.
  • Draw a picture that shows the crab in its habitat featuring food, water, and shelter.

2. Read Crab Books

While we've provided links to some read alouds on YouTube for your convenience, we highly encourage you to check out crab books from your local library. Nothing beats reading together! While you read, see how many c's your learner can find in a sentence, on a page, or in the whole book.

3. Sing Crab Songs

  • "Song about a Crab" Science, Physical Fitness: Videos of Various Types Crabs, Animal Adaptations, Gross Motor Skills - Crab Walk (by Animal Songs via YouTube)
  • "Pinchy, Pinchy, Crab" Science and Reading Skills: Animal Adaptations, Repetition, and Onomatopoeia (by Pororo the Little Penguin via YouTube)
  • "Crab Walk Song for Kids" Physical Education, Science: Gross Motor Skills - Crab Walk, Types of Crabs, Following Directions
    • Watch from the beginning the first time for an introduction, book, and activity suggestion.
    • Each additional time, start at 1:18, when the song starts.

4. Eat a Crab Snack

  • Dine on shrimp like a crab might.
  • Make a crab out of apple slices (Pinterest pin)
    • Core an apple by cutting it into four pieces straight down around the core.
    • Place the larger piece to the side for the crab's body.
    • Cut the remaining apple into thin slices.
    • Arrange eight slices under the "crab's body" as its legs.
    • Cut pieces out of two slices and position them in front as its claws.
    • Add raisins (or chocolate chips) to the top front of the "body" for its eyes.
  • Crab sandwiches inspired by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
    • Make a sandwich that your littles enjoy using a croissant.
    • Cut wedges into a red fruit or vegetable (strawberry, tomato, radish, etc.) and position them at the points of the croissant for the crab's claws.
    • Cut string cheese into 2 cm wide disks and attach two to the croissants using toothpicks for the eyes.
    • Press olives into the cheese disks.
    • Add a thin slice of your chosen red fruit or vegetable for the mouth.
    • Position eight baby carrots as the legs.

5. Color Crabs

Not only does coloring develop little learners' artistic skills, it also aids in developing muscles required for writing and strengthens their ability to focus. Coloring is impactful. So, print out your favorite "c is for crab" coloring page, get out the colors, and join your little learner in the meaningful fun.

Before You Go, We'd Love to Know:

  1. One activity you'd add to this list.
  2. A story about a crab encounter of your own.

We hope our "c is for crab" activities help you on the next step of your learning adventures. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please let us know (email on the side panel). Happy learning!

With YOU Every Step of the Way,

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