September 2022 Calendars | Printable: Blank, Holidays, and Personal Growth

We're back at it, Friends! The first week of school is coming to an end and we're already looking with anticipation at what the rest of the year has to offer. Second grade is our home this year and so far, our outlook is extremely optimistic.

What are you teaching this year, Leader? In what setting? We hope you know that we are here to support and uplift you. Our constant prayer is that you find JOY in every day.

Here's what we're offering on the September 2022 Wolfe Stew menu:

September 2022 Ideas for EVERY Day 

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September 2022 Growth for Today Calendar

This "Growth for Today" calendar is new for 2022! All of us are "works in progress" and we believe God-centered growth is essential to life. In 2022 we're committing to the faith fight by using these calendars with daily activities to focus on a monthly theme. Throughout the year we're hoping to grow stronger in defining what we believe in and in learning how to effectively fight for it. September is about resistance.

Download your September 2022 GROWTH for Today calendar here.

September's Theme

  • Theme: Resist.
  • Goal: Recognize righteous choices become more consistent when we stay in God's presence.

Weekly Tasks

  • Read a Bible passage (On submission, temptation, discernment, and protection.)
  • Memorize a verse from the passage. (Two options suggested for each week.)
  • Talk with someone about the topic. (Prompts provided.)
  • Journal your thoughts. (Prompts provided.)
  • Listen to a song on the topic. ("Run Devil Run"; "Before the Throne of God Above"; "God Help Me")
  • Complete an activity to expand the topic. (Listmaking, quote choosing, and sketching.)
  • Engage in a weekly challenge.  (Resistance and support strategies.)
The activities are designed to be short, but impactful. Throughout the year, we hope you refine what you believe in, solidify what you are willing to stand for, and grow in courage to fight your battles. Know you're not alone; we are in it with you!

BLANK 2022 Calendar

These blank calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly Bible verses or inspirational quotes

September 2022's challenge: Celebrate successful resistance events.
A yellow and green September calendar with a fall leaf background.
Download your 2022 Inspirational Fight Calendar.

September 2022 Inspiration

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." - James 4:7 (KJV)

"You can remember your love, or you can remember your have that choice in every moment." - Abraham Hicks


Resistance is part of our daily lives; moment by moment we choose what is wrong or right according to our own understanding or righteous by trusting in God's word. We all struggle with temptation in some regard, often when we choose our way over God's way. To make that righteous choice with more consistency, we're training ourselves to remember we are constantly in God's presence and from that presence, train ourselves to make choices reflective of His character. Our prayer is that this month you live in the love, mercy, wisdom, and protection of your Heavenly Father and from this find yourself strengthened to resist those well-placed, personally targeted attacks. 

Fighting the Good Fight with You, 
Red bowl with gray steam rising from top, Wolfe Stew written on front of bowl.

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