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31 Things to Do in December 2021 - Family Friendly

You're looking for family-friendly and educational things to do with your little learners this December, and we want to help! We've selected daily holidays and paired them with activity links for you and your little learner. Choose between: The December 2021 Idea for Every Day Calendar -  Embed  or  Printable  Blank December 2021 Calendars  featuring a  Bible verse  or  inspirational quote  A family friendly list of 30 Things to Do in December 2021 -  Post  or  Printable In addition, consider checking out our previous December posts: Classroom ideas  (mostly nonreligious) Faith Based ( Expect Jesus & Herod or Herald ) December 2021 Idea for EVERY Day Calendar We paired daily holidays with family-friendly and educational links to help you celebrate EVERY day this December. Choose from the embed version or  print your own . BLANK December 2021 Calendars Use these blank calendars in a way that suits you. Or, use them to participate in . . . THIS MONTH'S CHALLENGE :

December 2020 - Ideas for Every Day

Welcome Leaders! How are you? While normally this time of year is tough for teachers, (see our post, " You’re NEVER Alone ," if you feel this) we all know 2020 is NOTHING like normal ; it’s like we’ve reached another level of “toughness” this year. Our school district got moved back to remote learning until AT LEAST through Christmas break. If this is you too - or perhaps you’ve been remote, or perhaps you're in-person or living in the thick of it through homeschool - whatever your situation is, I think we can all agree: this year’s been TOUGH! I think we’re all trying to make it through to a break so we might just breathe and remember what that feels like again for awhile - to just breathe. Well, as November draws to a close, we hope to breathe some joy into your daily routine with our December calendar.   We pair daily holidays with learning activities for Preschool to Sixth grade learners across multiple subject areas so that you have an idea for every day. This mon