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JOY for Today - Easter 2022

On Easter we celebrate the day Jesus faced death and triumphed! He was, is, and will always be victorious and worthy of all our praise. Sing it loud; sing it JOYfully! Photo by Ajay Lalu via Pixabay Easter Offerings: Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses and Quotes   Activity Suggestions  (For families, classrooms, or individuals) Did You Know: Easter's date changes annually because it is tied to the full moon? Specifically, during the Council of Nicaea, the Western church agreed Easter would be celebrated the Sunday following the first full moon in spring (after the Vernal Equinox). Currently, however, Easter's date sometimes misses the lunar cycle mark . To be thorough, the Western Church created a table of future Easter dates by projecting full moons. These projections no longer match actual full moon dates, but we still use the Ecclesiastical Full Moon projections to determine Easter's Date.   We can thank Germany for the Easter bunny? While no one is comp

April 2021 - Ideas for EVERY Day

 Welcome leaders! We’re officially into spring now, never mind that we just dug our way out of our biggest snowfall yet. How are you feeling about spring? Are you ready for it? Are you looking for some fresh ideas to liven up learning? If so, we have a few sprouting for you. Here’s a link to our April Idea for Every Day calendar  (or use the embedded version below). Bookmark it, print it, pin it where you plan. Then, when you need a fresh idea, give it a glance. Hopefully you’ll find something there for you. Or, glance through it and jot down a few ideas on these blank calendars we’ve cleared off for you ( Bible verses or inspirational quotes ). Or, fill it with your own great ideas. Below, we’ll go into detail about our five favorite activities for the month of April ( or skip there now ). But, if you’d like more ideas about other days to celebrate, here are links to our April 2020 “Idea for Every Day” blogs. Week One April Fool’s Day (4.1.2021) World Autism Awareness

April - An Idea for Every Day - Week 3

I'm curious - what's been your favorite national day activity lately?  Last week, my nephew and I engaged in (what he calls) mini-school.  I seized that opportunity to try out some of these ideas for every day I've been blogging about.  The activities we chose were to honor April Fools' Day and National Crayon Day.  For April Fools' Day, he enjoyed learning (from ) that the first day of the year used to be in spring and to him (and me too, actually) this concept makes more sense. For National Crayon Day, he tore wrappers off crayons until he realized we already had unwrapped, previously recycled crayons.  With the recycled crayons, he made melted crayon rocks .  This activity was a hit!  He did it twice and prominently placed the rocks near the future locations of his seedlings.  The melted crayon activity resides at Fakin' It and the instructions alone are a good read, even if you have no intention of completing the activity.  So, please do tru