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JOY for Today - Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

A single candle in the middle of utter darkness is the portrait of hope. No matter how dark our circumstances there is light that lives on. This Light is eternal hope that can live on in you - when you are ready to let it. At times JOY feels unachievable. Light a candle in your darkness. Watch the flame and hold on to hope that JOY will come again. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To light. Bible Verses and Quotes  About grieving. Activity Suggestions : Lighting Candles, Book List, Resource Options, Would You Rather, and Family Challenge Did You Know: Worldwide Candle Lighting Day's goal is to support families who grieve the loss of children?  The Compassionate Friends organization began when Reverend Stephens (of England) connected two grieving sets of parents in the hopes that their shared experience might help the healing process. The parents deeply benefited from the connection and longed to lead others in similar situations to

JOY for Today - St. Nicholas Day

There is a reason that St. Nicholas became a Saint. As we glimpse into his life this season, may we awaken to opportunities for giving that surround us. And may these opportunities bring peace and JOY because we know we are cheerfully giving from the abundant warehouses of God's provision. Background image courtesy of Jill Wellington via Pixabay JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  to a spirit of giving. Bible Verses and Quotes  inspired by St. Nicholas Activity Suggestions : craft, compare and contrast, fact or fiction, "Would you rather...", and family challenge. Did You Know: St. Nicholas lost his parents at an early age?  They died in an epidemic. After his parents died, Nicholas used his inheritance to assist others in need: financially, physically, and emotionally. ( St. Nicholas Center ) St. Nicholas was once imprisoned? Roman Emperor Diocletian persecuted Christians relentlessly, and Nicholas was one of the many Chri

JOY for Today - First Sunday of Advent 2022

Amid the rush of Thanksgiving preparations, I find myself thinking about waiting. Waiting is hard. But the hope of JOY when waiting ends is what fuels us to persist. As we wash off our Thanksgiving platters and get out the Christmas boxes, let's fill our hearts and minds with thankfulness for His coming and in expectancy of His return! Advent photo  (in background) by Dennis Skley via flickr. Shared with a CC BY-ND 4.0 license. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  to living a life of expectancy. Bible Verses and Quotes  about Advent. Activity Suggestions  to bring the holiday spirit into the classroom and home. Ideas for teachers and families.  Did You Know: The Advent wreath is full of symbolism?  The wreath consists of four candles (three purple and one pink) dispersed around the outside and a large, white candle in the middle. The candles around the outside represent hope (prophecy), preparation (Bethlehem), joy (shepherds), and lo

JOY for Today - Thanksgiving 2022

With a heart full of praise, that's how we hope you're entering this Thanksgiving season. There are many reasons to be thankful in every circumstance. Challenge yourselves (and others) to find those reasons - even in the difficult moments. This is how we stay rooted in JOY, friends! JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the difficulty of thanksgiving.  Bible Verses and Quotes  About giving thanks. Activity Suggestions  For grade level bands, "Would you rather..." questions, and a family challenge. Did You Know: There were only four women present at the first Thanksgiving? While there were around 140 attendees - 90 Wampanoag and 50 colonists - only four of them were women. ( The Fact File  & ) Turkey is now the most commonly served food on Thanksgiving?  So much so that Thanksgiving is often referred to as "Turkey Day." As a country we gobble up over 45 million turkeys annually. However, turkey w

JOY for Today - World Kindness Day 2022

Kindness grants JOY not just to the receiver but also to the giver. If that's true, why aren't we all kind to everyone we encounter? Is it fear? Is it that we think the other person is unworthy? Maybe we think it's unfair: we haven't received kindness, why should we spread it to another? Or perhaps we dismiss personal responsibility for kindness because it does not come naturally to us. But we all have the capacity for kindness within us, no matter our personal circumstances. Showing kindness might cost strength, courage, and humility but it produces exponential JOY. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  With a kindness competition. Bible Verses and Quotes  About showing kindness. Activity Suggestions  To promote kind words, actions, and thoughts in the classroom; Would You Rather questions; and a family challenge Did You Know: Even animals demonstrate kindness?  Male fiddler crabs refrain from killing the other amid territor

JOY for Today - Veterans Day 2022

Thank you, Veterans, for serving to defend our freedoms. Today, we stand JOYFULLY united in honor of you! JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Three we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To a war we all fight. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by veterans. Activity Suggestions  Informational resources, letter-writing templates, bulletin board ideas, Would You Rather questions, and family challenge. Did You Know: Veterans Day does not have an apostrophe? Because the day is for honoring ALL veterans, the apostrophe is intentionally absent. No one individual or veteran group owns the day, so no apostrophe is necessary. ( ) Veterans Day and Memorial Day serve different purposes?  Veterans Day honors everyone who has served - whether in war or peace, still living or deceased. While Memorial Day honors soldiers who died while fighting or as a result of fighting. Mostly, the intention of Veterans Day is to express our thankfulness to veterans for their sacrifice. (