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National Parents Day | JOY for Today

Parents, you have a tough job, and we know it. But we also hope your parenting role brings you JOY. For days when worry overwhelms joy, we pray you remember these words: " Family Concept " image by Perpetual Fostering at Flickr . Free for use under a CC  BY 2.0 license Parents' Day Guides: Did You Know...  One we did; four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  About parenting. Activity Suggestions  Parent honoring and strengthening ideas. Did You Know: Parents' Day was established by President Bill Clinton in 1994?  Parents' day closes the trilogy of parental holidays and was initially observed in South Korea as a Mother's Day replacement. ( Edarabia ) You can nominate exceptional parents to receive recognition? Nominations are to be submitted by June 30th at Parent's Day . Criteria for nominees include exemplifying qualities of sacrificial love; overcoming major obstacles; exhibiting moral values; and having a

National Ice Cream Day | JOY for Today

JOY is ice cream on a hot day. Pause for a moment and allow yourself to imagine it. Experience the taste of that perfect flavor melting on your tongue. Cooling you from the inside out. Soothing still as you ready yourself for another taste. Yes, Friends, JOY tastes of ice cream. Yet, sweet though ice cream may be, we know of something even sweeter. Vanilla Ice Cream image courtesy of Ice Cream Day Offerings: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by ice cream. Activity Suggestions  Recipe suggestions - in a bag, historical, and machine-made. Did You Know: Ice cream originated in China?  Well, most people agree on that, possibly because it included an addition of milk. However, drinks cooled with snow were referenced by King Solomon (970-931 BC) in the Bible ( Proverbs 25:13 ) and Alexander the Great (336-323 BC) loved snow-cooled drinks flavored with honey and wine. Around 200 BC, there are referenc

Give Something Away Day 2022 | JOY for Today

Giving well requires thinking outwardly. It means carefully considering what might benefit another and acting to make it happen. JOY is found on both ends: the giving and the getting. As you consider what to give away, we ask that you think outside material goods and consider what words and actions you might also give away to make someone else's day. Give Something Away Day Selections: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  About charity. Activity Suggestions  Thoughts about choosing what to give. Did You Know: Giving is good for your health?  According to Cleveland Clinic , engaging in a charitable activity can lower your blood pressure, improve your self-esteem, lessen depression, decrease stress levels, prolong your life, and lead to greater levels of happiness and satisfaction. Only about 20% of donations come from corporations? In 2020, according to Digital Information World , the top three corporations to donat

Independence Day | JOY for Today

In this country, we take freedom seriously. It's synonymous with the United States of America. But what is freedom?  Freedom, exercised properly, brings great joy. This Independence Day, we ask you to consider that freedom comes with responsibility. Our forefathers labored to create a land free from oppression and tyranny . Are you choosing to live a life in service to freedom for others or are you chained to selfishness? " Fireworks and American Flag on the 4th of July " courtesy of Good Free Photos . Independence Day Choices: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  Musings from the Mrs. Bible Verses and Quotes  About freedom. Activity Suggestions  Fireworks, crafts, and history. Did You Know: We have John Adams to thank for our firework tradition?  His vision of Fourth of July celebrations written in a letter to his wife states: "It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solem

July 2022 Calendars | Printable and Holiday Options

July is camping, heat, and continued summer activities all in hues of red, white, and blue. What does July 2022 bring for you? However you define July, we're excited that we get to walk through it with you. Here's what we're offering on the July 2022  Wolfe Stew  menu: July 2022 Ideas for  Every  Day Calendar  (family friendly, educational) July 2022 Growth for Today Calendar  (personal growth, Bible-based) Blank 2022 Calendars   Bible verses  Inspirational Quotes July 2022 Ideas for EVERY Day  View the current month's calendar  at the Learning Lab Tab. July 2022  (updated for you!) July 2021   July 2020 Also, consider sampling our  JOY for Today  posts, where we celebrate selected days throughout the year by offering facts, connections, scripture, quotes, and activity suggestions. Check out our three most recent  JOY for Today  posts: Flag Day Father's Day Forgiveness Day July 2022 Growth for Today Calendar This "Growth for Today" calendar is

July 2021 | Ideas for Every Day

(Updated 6/2/2022) July looms leaders. I imagine you’re knee-deep into summertime activities. Does anyone else feel like the summer is their busiest time of the year too? To aid you in your summertime activities, we’ve fashioned a calendar with ideas for every day. We've paired daily holidays with learning and family activities to help you find the JOY in  every  day. To use it: Glance it over,  Click the links that interest you,  Let the learning begin! (or download your printable calendar here ).  And now,  Jump to last year’s line-up (with details for  every  day). Get a BLANK July 2021 calendar with  An inspirational quote OR Selected Bible verse   Keep reading to learn more about Our Top 5 Picks. Get your BLANK July 2021 calendar featuring this Bible verse . Get your BLANK July 2021 calendar  featuring this quote . Our Favorite Five July 2021 Activities 1.       U.S. Postage Stamp Day – Thursday, July 1, 2021 U.S. Postage Stamp Day is an easy choice for me because