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How to Parent Toddlers while Working | Guest Post

Leaders, please join me in welcoming back Well Parents   with tips for staying sane while parenting toddlers and working from home. After reading the article, be sure to leave a comment with a tip or two that worked well for you. Everyone benefits where peace resides ! If you could benefit from more parental support, be sure to drop by Well Parents .  They offer exercise ideas , healthy eating tips , stress-busters , helpful resources , and more ! Also, be sure to check out their other Wolfe Stew featured articles including home business opportunities and  organization tips .   And now, let's reclaim our peace with these tips for staying sane and productive from Well Parents . Image via Pexels Staying Sane and Productive as a Working Parent of Toddlers and Babies   Balancing parenting with working from home can be challenging for any parent, but it’s especially difficult for parents of toddlers and babies. With their endless curiosity and need for attention, it can seem nearly im

Library Shelfie Day | JOY for Today

An image of your personal library, or a favorite shelf in a public library, hints at what fuels your JOY. So, snap a shelfie that will document what your interests and passions were on this day in your personal history. Then, connect with someone over what fuels their JOY. It will work today as it has worked in times gone by. Personally, I would like a glimpse at what books Paul (the author of the following verse) asked Timothy to grab. JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To being detectives. Bible Verses and Quotes  About books. Activity Suggestions  Organization, speaking and listening, critical thinking, opinion writing, would you rather, and family challenge Last Year's Post : Spouses Day (January 26th Annually)  Did You Know: A secret door, disguised as a bookcase, was a fixture in Charles Dickens' house?  One title on the fake bookcase was The Life of a Cat which appeared in nine volumes. ( Interesting Literature   & Lit

September Week 2 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 8.31.2023)  Welcome, Leaders, to Wolfe Stew! We’re SO glad you are here. Have you already started your school year? Does it look different from last school year? Whether it’s the same or different, we’re hoping it’s going smoothly and please know we’re here to help in any  way we can. One of the ways we hope to help is through weekly offerings of engaging activities that complement daily holidays for Preschool to Sixth grade learners. Use them as a break from the usual routine, choose activities that fit in with what you’re already learning, or incentivize them as earned activities – carefully selecting ones you know your learners will love. However you use them, we sincerely hope they add a piece of JOY into every day. Here’s a glance at our featured activities for the week of September 6 to September 12 (click the link for more details regarding the selected day). Read a Book Day (September 6th Annually) – What are you reading? Labor Day (September's First Monday

January 2020 | Calendars

Calling all Leaders of Littles, Get it here!  Your completed edition of the  January - An Idea for Every Day Calendar  is now hot off the press and ready for printing, pinning, paper-clipping, or bookmarking for your planning needs. To view all January calendars , including more current ones, visit our JOY for Today page. This is only a graphic.  For active links on calendar, click here . Ideas for Use New to the Idea for Every Day Calendar?  No problem.  The intention of this calendar is to supply you with a menu of activities to engage your learners this January.  We chose a National Day for every day in January and selected complementary link pairings for academic tie-ins so you can celebrate every day with your littles.   That being said, please don't view this calendar as another item in a long line of to-do's, but more a gathering of ideas.  Browse the menu and choose activities that ignite your heart, fit with your curriculum, or excite your learner

Happy New Year!

Welcome Back Leaders of Littles!  How we've missed you!  As promised, you're seeing us in 2020!  The January Idea for Every Day Calendar remains a work in progress.  But, as 2020 commences tomorrow, the need for activities emerges.  Today we unveil the first eleven days of activities and selected link pairings to go with them. New Year's Day Ideas We wanted to specifically feature New Year's Day as it is tomorrow and you're likely short on time to get some of these ideas in.  We'll blast social media, but also wanted it featured here.  To start your 2020 off right, consider whipping up a special breakfast.  Good Housekeeping has 33 recommended recipes for just this occasion.  Or, make your favorite.  What is your favorite brunch recipe?  We'd love to know!  Whether it's new or tried and true.  Our favorite is a sausage brunch braid  from Amelia Meaux featured at Taste of Home.  It's beautiful, tasty and relatively easy to make.  Give it

Holiday Spirit

(Updated 12.8.2022) Leaders of Littles, As I'm sure you are aware, there are less than three weeks until Christmas break!   For some of us, that seems like an eternity.   But what if you thought about it this way: there are less than three weeks to show your learners Christ-like love before they go on break.  To share with them the true meaning of Christmas. To get them in touch with that Holiday Spirit. You know, the unseen spirit.  The one hidden behind, between, and amongst the gift giving, baking, decorating, merry-making, and heavily expectant busyness. We've thought up some ways to invite that holiday spirit in and wish to share them with you. However and whomever you lead, these activities foster the holiday spirit in the heart of both leaders and learners alike. Bless a Learner a Day Consider writing a learner’s name per day on a calendar (like the one above  or use our current December calendar ) and find a way to intentionally bless them on their name