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Dinosaur Day | JOY for Today

From an early age our nephew found dinosaurs fascinating. I bet one or two people in your life do too! The intrigue of dinosaurs provides opportunities for imagination, curiosity, and discovery. And, as we explore the secrets God stows in creation, it serves to help us know Him more. What an incredible opportunity for JOY! Dinosaur Day:  May's Third Tuesday AND June 1st Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To dinosaurs. Bible Verses and Quotes  Related to dinosaurs or creation. Activity Suggestions  Dress-up ideas, book list, hands-on paleontology, "Would you rather...", and family challenge.  Upcoming Holidays:   World Turtle Day (May 23rd Annually) and Memorial Day (May's Last Monday)  Did You Know: The longest dinosaur name is micropachycephalosaurus?  This dinosaur name features 23 characters and nine syllables. The name means tiny, thick-headed lizard. It lived in the late cretaceous period and is about 0.5

Autumnal Equinox | JOY for Today

(Updated 3.24.2023) When I lived in a place that had no truly definable seasons, the season I most missed was fall. There's something in the changing air that adds comfort and joy to my life. While change in life is rarely comfortable, it can lead to JOY when you learn where to look for it. Like choosing to embrace the splendor of autumn leaves, finding joy amid change helps shift our perspectives. September 23, 2023 Autumnal Equinox Topics: Did You Know...  Four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  with change. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by fall. Activity Suggestions  Fall-themed lessons, picture books, and questions. Did You Know: Some people believe catching a leaf as it falls brings good luck? One such belief suggests for every falling leaf you catch, you are destined for one day of good luck. ( Best Life Online ) There really is a distinct fall scent?  Contributors to the smell: dying leaves and cooler air. In addition, the first fall rain smell has its own name: petrich

Calvin Gets the Last Word | A Wolfe Stew Review

    While Calvin may get the last word, you’ll get the last laugh. This book brings you to unexpected places in memorable ways. An engaging involvement in word collection woven into a relatable story. After reading, you’re likely to start thinking of the words you use in a different way. As always, I’ll alert you to potential spoilers with asterisks surrounding the header.   Target Audience Leaders of learners looking to excite vocabulary interest and for anyone who is part of a family.  Wolfe Stew believes this book is a great read aloud option for ages 6 to 8 with independent reading encouraged for 8-10 . Calvin Gets the Last Word  (as of May 5, 2021) does not yet have a Lexile or AR Level . The author’s (Margo Sorenson) website lists it suited for ages 4-9 . Amazon lists it as appropriate for grades 2-6 (approximately ages 7-12 ). Leader/Learner Summaries Print these pictures. Then, display the "learner" card on a suggested reading bulleting board a

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez | A Wolfe Stew Review

The presidential inauguration is right around the corner. Seize the opportunity to inspire your littles to dream BIG. That's what America is about after all: having big dreams and working hard to achieve them. Sofia Valdez shows us all that change is possible. Armed with a goal, determination, and support of loved ones, Sofia Valdez, change maker, will find her way into your heart - as she did mine. As always, I’ll alert you to potential spoilers with asterisks surrounding the header.   Target Audience With rhyming text and illustrations that deepen the narrative, Sofia Valdez is a book to inspire any person with a dream to promote change. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez would be an ideal book to read with your learners if you want to foster belief(s) that: Anyone can do what they want; all that is needed is the drive to get it done. Even kids can have big ideas that move adults into action. All people, even “strong” people, feel fear. We think this book would be approp

Monster Musical Chairs | A Wolfe Stew Review

  Here, at Wolfe Stew, we love sharing books that inspire learning.   This is one of them!   If you’re a leader of older learners, please don’t discount this book because of its appearance.   There is still opportunity for learning here, I promise!   Remember, we indicate potential spoilers as asterisks surrounding the header. Target Audience If you like predictable books with a beat, repetition and relatable characters, Monster Musical Chairs answers that call.   You’ll be dancing through the pages with the monsters and engage in learning to boot!   While this book specifically targets readers preparing to learn subtraction, we think learners of every kind can connect to this book.   If cuddly monsters, entertaining littles, mentor writing or art interest you, check this one out! We think this book would be appropriate to read aloud to learners around the ages of 3-6 with independent reading encouraged for ages 7-9.    Useful as a springboard into a multitude of learning oppo

July Week 2 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 6/10/22) You're here because you're looking for activities for your learners; we're here because we want to help. We've been stewing on ideas for every day of this next July week and hope you find one (or two) engaging for you (and your learner). Look at all the different ways we're serving them:   July Calendar  – Ideas at a glance with clickable links for you advanced planners. Weekly Blog - You’re reading it now.  😊   SUBSCRIBE  by submitting your email in the field to the left and get them delivered directly to your inbox. Check out our four recent posts (ideas never expire): June 28 - July 4 June 21 - June 27 June 14 – June 20 June 7 – June 13 Even More Ideas – Look over our  Pinterest  board. Check out this week's line-up (click the link to "hop" to the mentioned day's description): Apple Turnover Day - Three recipes from which to choose. International Kissing Day - Research skills, reading, writing, chronological order, and histo