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September - An Idea for Every Day - Week 3

(Updated 8.19.2022) Guess what, leaders? We made it through our first week of online teaching, and, to celebrate, God’s throwing down some snow-fetti! Honestly though, we needed it. The forests are aflame around us and we’re praying the moisture helps put them out. How’s your school year going so far? Have you started? What does it look like for you? We’re in it with you, 110% leaders! We want to support you in ANY way we can. One way we hope to support you is by giving you a reason to celebrate every day. We choose daily holidays and pair them with complementary learning activities for your Preschool to Sixth grade learner. Glance through our post, pick out the ones you like and have fun! Fun: a vital ingredient in learning. High interest topics stick better. Engaging lessons lead to innovative solutions in other places. You’ve seen it; you know it to be true. Let your learner’s interests guide and choose the activities that work for you. And just because we have them organized b

August - An Idea for Every Day - Week 4

(Updated 8/5/2022) Welcome, leaders, to Wolfe Stew! We are SO glad you’re here. Do you ever feel as though you’re fighting an uphill battle? Like you take one arduous step forward just to be knocked backward by a gust of wind? I don’t know about you, but for me, things haven’t felt “normal” since February, and in the upcoming days all I continue to see is uncertainty. As an individual who plans her planning, uncertainty frightens me. So how do we keep going? For me, it’s not me. It’s God. In the face of all this uncertainty, I cling to my Rock – the one who has been and always will be certain. I trust He’ll guide me through with His gentle hand and will restore peace in my soul, both in daily snippets and eventually as a season. What about you? How do you get through your uphill battles, your seasons of uncertainty? We’d love to hear your method, if you’d care to share. Comment below or email us (mr OR Please know, that if you, too, find yourself amid an uphil