The Big Five for 4th-6th Grade

(Updated 4/19/2022)

Happy Tag-You're-It-Day, Leaders!

For forever that's what I will now call touch tag.  My niece, years ago mind you, used to run around asking everyone if they would play "Tag-You're-It" with her.  And, yes, it all came out as one word.  It was the cutest thing ever and my new name for touch tag.  Confession: I didn't play today.  Did you?

Apple Betty

I promised I would share with you the recipe for Apple Betty if it was good.  Well, it was.  I actually have two kind of particular eaters in my household, even when it comes to dessert, and they both liked it.  So, I'll share.  And I won't be mean.  I won't lure you to the end and then give you the recipe.  I'll give it to you right now.  It's not even my recipe.  It is Barbara Milam's and it can be found at

The first step in Barbara's recipe was to slice the apples.  I did.  It took four of them.  However many cups a recipe calls for in apples, that's how many apples I use.  So, quite honestly, I don't know if it took four apples to follow the recipe precisely, but I used four.  Anyway, the Mr. said he thinks this is the key to the success of the dish: how thin you slice the apples.  So, take your time on this step and slice them as thin as possible.  Well, if you want to take the advice of the Mr. anyway.

First step to making an Apple Betty

I never arrange apples like this.  Seriously.  I don't.  The only reason I did is because I was taking my time, saw other people had done it online, and thought, "Hey, why not?"  So I did.  And then, when I saw how beautifully it was turning out, and because I made the Apple Betty as a promise to you, I thought I had to take a picture to share.  Silly, I know.  But there it is.

After cutting the apples you add a streusel topping.  The recipe says you can control the sweetness by deciding how much streusel to put on top, but seriously, put the whole thing on. It's fall.  It's delicious.  There's only apples underneath.  With streusel in place, you bake at 375 for 45 minutes, all the while smelling the deliciousness.  Then, carefully remove, and of course, take another picture.

The end result of baking an Apple Betty.

 Finally, cut and serve with ice cream!  And, take another picture before you devour it.

I'm ready to eat my Apple Betty.  How about you?

You know, I once heard that if you take a moment to visually enjoy your food, it actually tastes better.  I am not sure if that's completely true, but this Apple Betty did not disappoint.  I know I'll be making this one again.  If you make it, let me know.  I'd love to hear how (and if) you enjoyed it too!  

Big Five

On to other news, today I am sharing the final Wolfe Pack in the Big Five series.  I first shared the PreK to First Big Five Wolfe Pack, then 2nd to 3rd Big Five Wolfe Pack and today the 4th to 6th Big Five Wolfe Pack is on the menu.

I'll admit, it may seem a little unusual to be using a picture book in grades 4 to 6, but Leaders, I love using picture books to teach any grade.  The content is often more accessible, you can get to the ideas faster, they have built-in visuals, and they serve as great models.  Furthermore, if you're homeschooling a gaggle of littles that span multiple grade levels, it is helpful to use one resource, then modify the work to suit the learner.  Yeah, that's helpful in a traditional classroom too, let's be honest.  So, even though this book is written with the younger crowd in mind, I think you'll find the work I paired with it to be more than suitable for your older learners.  

When you choose to go on this safari with your older learners, you'll challenge them to:
  • Go on a fact-finding mission to complete an animal profile.
  • Write their own "The Big Five" featuring a different geographical location.
  • Create art inspired by illustrator Jodi Abbot.
We've plated up the 4th to 6th Grade Big Five Wolfe Pack onto 14 pages (including examples and keys) and we're rolling it out.  

A Wolfe Stew original resource for your fourth, fifth and sixth grade learners as they read through, "The Big Five," by Bella Makatini.

At Your Service,
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Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  


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