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We’re glad you’ve joined us at Wolfe Stew today! We’re hoping your mid-week slump is headed downhill and plans for the weekend are looking up. Last weekend our family went cold weather camping. We’re talking biting-cold-despite-warm-layers and wind-possibly-carrying-away-the-tent-to-Oz weather camping. And we loved every minute of it! We’re even planning our next outing. Indeed, our niece suggested we plan a camping trip in each season. She, however, did think we were currently in winter. It was that cold!

Despite the cold, we enjoyed the warmth of yarn crocheted gear (I Love Yarn Day) and developed outdoors skills (Train Your Brain Day). While sitting around the campfire roasting smores (necessity), we even had a well-mannered debate about Columbus Day. And, upon our return, although warranted due to exhaustion and illness, none of us were grouchy. Now, back at home, we’re stewing on ways to help you celebrate the remaining national holidays in October. What have you been doing to celebrate them so far? We’d love to hear about your favorites, ones you had a hard time getting into, and new ideas about ways you celebrate each day.

Looking into next week, Reptile Awareness and Color Day mark the calendar. So, in the spirit of these two days, we cooked up a center idea for you. Of course, if you don’t want to do it as a center, it would work for independent work, group work, meet with teacher, etc. It’s versatile. We like things being versatile here at Wolfe Stew - like stew.

We also believe life is better lived in color. Everything is just a little bit happier when you add color to it. Don't question it; just try it. Invite colointo your routine this week! Add a dash of happiness.

During the cooking process of this colocenter, my nephew observed, discussed, and added his flavor to the final product. He (a third grader) practices multiplication facts nightly and clung to using this dish for that purpose. While using Reptile Colors for math fact practice, it came to our attention that he should remain our constant taste-tester. Immediately, flaws were illuminated; awkward combinations were critiqued, and balanced flavors were praised. He’s hired!

He’s also looking forward to ordering the same dish in a different style tonight. We’re inviting you to savor these flavors along with him, and a variety of flavors there are!

Invite your learners to feast on these colorful flavors:
  • PreK-1st: Identify colorand color words 
  • 2nd-3rd: Make color word associations using parts of speech
  • 4th-6th: Describe color using poetic devices
  • Create your own color center
  • All Grades: Explore probability

And, for more variety, choose between Monster or Reptile Colors. Check out the five courses offered in each color center. Pictured here is the “Create Your Own” Reptile Colors center ordered up and feasted upon by my nephew.

Course One
Predict which color will appear most often, least often, and not at all.
(We’re serving up four varieties to suit your learner's unique tastes.)
Course one of color centers - predict which color appears most often.  Adapted for preschool to sixth grade across multiple skillsets.
Course Two
Spin the spinner.
(Four varieties available including a design- your-own spinner.)
Course two of color centers - spin the wheel to choose a color.  Different spinners included so you can study probability.  Adapted for preschool to sixth grade across multiple skillsets.
Course Three
Answer the question according to the color match-up guide.
(Five varieties for course three to entice your tastebuds.)
Course three of color centers - based on the color spun, answer the corresponding question.  Adapted for preschool to sixth grade across multiple skillsets.
Course Four
Record your answer on a reptile or monster.
(Paired recording sheets available for each course selection.)
Course four of color centers - record your answer on a reptile.  Monster and reptile variations available.  Adapted for preschool to sixth grade across multiple skillsets.
Course Five
Report results on the prediction sheet.
(Four varieties that complement course one.)
Course five of color centers - Record the results.  Monster and reptile variations available. Adapted for preschool to sixth grade across multiple skillsets.

Invite color into your classroom in five courses when you click here.

We’d love to hear how you used it! A stew is always better with more than one ingredient; so, we’re inviting you to throw your flavor into the pot. Just post your comment or email us at or We can't wait to hear from you!

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Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  


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