Victoria Cogsworth

Listen Leaders,

The much anticipated moment is here!  On this, the day of our nephew's birth, we're releasing a gift to you.  Today, we release to the world:

Our STEAM Team technologist.

Victoria, our technologist, is the second member of the STEAM Team.  By now, you and Silas - our scientist - are old chums.  If not, and all this ramble about the STEAM Team is lost on you, check out his story first:

And then, choose from these cross-curricular activities to further immerse you in his story:

Oh, you're ready for Victoria now?  Well, then, allow me to tell you a little about her.  Victoria hails from a subdued, rural setting, unlike Silas' action-packed metropolis. But make no mistake!  Her wheels are still turning.  In Victoria's story, you'll begin to see into the inner workings of the STEAM Team.  Her story tells of inspiration from nature, how one cog cannot achieve alone, and hints at things to come.

Today, we're simply releasing her story.  Enjoy it alone, in a quiet place, with a steaming cup of coffee, and ponder how you can use it with your learners.  Then, come back.  Share your ideas with us and check out some of ours.  You know we'll be stewing on ways to serve up Victoria themed resources.

But for now...

Come!  Join us on the mesa!  Victoria awaits.

Meet our STEAM Team Technologist while she draws inspiration from nature.
Meet Victoria when you click here.

Offering samplings of life by a husband and wife

Get comprehension activities to go with this story here.

Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  

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1. Cogs licensed under CC2.0
2. Cedar Mesa is a Public Domain Image


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