The Big Five for 2nd & 3rd Grade

(Updated 12.30.2022)

Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to Wolfe Stew! We are glad you chose to spend National Math Storytelling Day with us! A day that combines literacy and math, what a fun way to approach math for our learners who are more literary minded.

Join in on the discussion about what math story books you use to teach your learners.One of my favorite math books is Math Curse by Jon Scieszka (links to Open Library). I read it with my niece in fourth grade. She shocked me when she used the escape plan from the book as her own in a hypothetical situation imposed upon her by the Mr. Without hesitation, she responded to the scenario of being locked in a cage with, “Oh, that’s simple.  I’ll take a piece of chalk and break it in two. A half and half make a whole. I'm out.” I died laughing. The Mr. chuckled too. I don’t think he was expecting her to stand tall in the face of his scenario of doom. 

What math books or math storytelling have you used with your learners? It is so fun seeing them connect with and live in the world of numbers. When they begin to discover math everywhere, you know they truly embrace it. 



Tomorrow is Johnny Appleseed Day.  Our learners are going to:

How are you celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day? If you'd like some ideas, check out our September Idea for Every Day calendars on our Joy for Today tab, or browse the current Idea for Every Day calendar on the Learning Lab Tab.


 Today, as an exclusive for the leaders our second and third grade learners are lucky to have, (Yes, that’s you. Own it!) we present to you: 

The Big Five – Activities for 2nd and 3rd Grade Learners
Last week, the PreK – 1st grade learners had their featured spot, and today our special is you! 
Second and third grade learning activities to accompany The Big Five by Bella Makatini.

To enhance your experience of The Big Five by Bella Makatini, we present to you:
  • Charades and description writing as starters
  • Adjective and verb sightings for entrees
  • A word sort, animal web, and clue writing for dessert
I’ll admit, 2nd and 3rd grade leaders, I have a fondness in my heart for this age range. My first teaching job was with them, and my nephew (with whom I live) is currently a member. It breaks my heart to think he’ll be a fourth grader next year.

I adore second and third graders. They love humor, will laugh at all my cheesy jokes, and even make up some of their own. Plus, they are ready to embrace a challenge and take on more responsibilities. It’s like the calm before the storm, these years. 

So, with this fondness of second and third graders in mind, know I had a blast creating these resources. As you join us on safari, your learners will notice details, identify and use adjectives and verbs, and write clues. 

Welcome to the adventure!  We’re thrilled to be your guides!

Second and third grade learners write descriptions about a secret animal.  Then, other learners read their description and try to guess the right animal.

Release and Waiver of Liability forms to join the 2nd and 3rd grade adventure found HERE
(Click to download this 16-page learning adventure.)

Again, thanks for letting us take you on an adventure.

At Your Service,
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