10 Days of God-Centered Thankfulness

Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year that gets ignored. It’s the half aisle hidden between monsters and elves. But it’s my favorite. In defending my preferences, I notice I lean on the side of the forgotten. But that’s okay. I’ll defend Thanksgiving to my dying day.

This post features everything Thanksgiving related. I have for you:

Ten Days of God-Centered Thankfulness

A Bible verse and praise song focused on offering our thanksgivings to God.
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When trying to decide how best to honor Thanksgiving this year, my answer was a devotional. Really, it is more of an opportunity to encourage all of us to focus on God in our thankfulness practices. I’ve chosen verses with a theme of thanksgiving and paired them with praise songs. If you’d like to join me, I’d love to have your company. For the ten days leading up to Thanksgiving, I plan to devote some time each day to:

  1. Read, dissect, and ingest a verse about thanksgiving from the Bible.
  2. Listen to a praise song while thinking about what the lyrics are saying and connecting them back to the scripture.
  3. Journal any connections, thoughts, revelations, questions, considerations, frustrations that emerge from my experience with the scripture and the song.

My hope is that it will help me focus this holiday on the One who deserves all the praise. That it will prime my mindset to His glory. If you’d like to join me, download your copy of the Ten Days of God-Centered Thankfulness here.

If you’re reading this past Monday, or in another season entirely, please don’t feel as though Thanksgiving is the only season during which you can devote yourself toward Godly thanksgiving. This devotional would be relevant any time of the year. So, if you’re interested, whenever you come across this, you’re more than welcome to participate.


Thankfulness in a Box

An idea from Future Flying Saucers
Click here for Future Flying Saucers' post.

Another interesting idea I came across this year, (well, in truth, it actually was delivered directly to my inbox) came from Future Flying Saucers. I like this activity because it is highly adaptable. You can use it with learners, with adults, or by yourself. You can keep it open-ended or structured, whichever is your style. The idea is, you place random (or chosen for you) objects in a box. As you pull each one out, you list reasons that you are thankful for it. You could make thankfulness lists for all objects at once or one a day. To challenge your thought patterns, you could purposely choose items that annoy you. As a family, you could take turns choosing that day’s items. See, the possibilities are endless. And, it will help you see there really is a reason to be thankful for everything, even if it means sometimes changing your perspective.

Thanksgiving Themed Ideas

Print, cursive, secular, Christian Thanksgiving handwriting pages in varying degrees of practice.
Click here for Thanksgiving Handwriting Pages

Our Thanksgiving Themed Ideas post features eight activities we love using with our learners. From a “How to Cook a Turkey,” writing template to cranberry science activities, we think you’re sure to find something for your Preschool to Sixth grade learner to enjoy. We even feature there our very own handwriting worksheets with Thanksgiving themed quotes and Bible verses in print and cursive at varying practice levels.

Give Thanks

Count Your Blessings

Give Thanks was our 2019 Thanksgiving Challenge. It comes with a downloadable activity sheet also. Basically, for each day from now until Thanksgiving, you commit to three daily goals:

  1. Stop the Rush
  2. Enter His Courts with Thanksgiving
  3. Count your Blessings

So, if it’s this Thanksgiving Challenge in which you’d rather engage, head on over to the Give Thanks post.

Friends, I just want to say how thankful we are for YOU. That YOU are here reading this. For YOUR love and support. We’re praying for you through this Thanksgiving season, now and always. We’re praying that you come closer to Christ. That you find, rediscover, and draw closer to the Ultimate Recipient of all our thanksgiving, and that you come to live in a season of perpetual Thanksgivings.

Before You Go, We'd Love to Know:

  1. For what are you most thankful this year?
  2. What is your source of greatest anticipation each Thanksgiving season?


With Love and Prayers,

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