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30 Things to Do in November 2021 - Family Friendly

You're looking for family-friendly and educational things to do with your little learners this November, and we want to help! We've selected daily holidays and paired them with activity links for you and your little learner. Choose between: The November 2021 Idea for Every Day Calendar - Embed or Printable  Blank November 2021 Calendars featuring a Bible verse or inspirational quote  A family friendly list of 30 Things to Do in November 2021 - Post or Printable In addition, consider checking out our previous November posts: Classroom ideas (mostly nonreligious) Thanksgiving reflection opportunities  for family, classroom, and personal use. Give Thanks Challenge - Bible-based November 2021 Idea for EVERY Day Calendar We paired daily holidays with family-friendly and educational links to help you celebrate EVERY day this November. Choose from the embed version or  print your own . BLANK November 2021 Calendars Use these blank calendars in a way that suits you. Or, use the

10 Days of God-Centered Thankfulness

Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year that gets ignored. It’s the half aisle hidden between monsters and elves. But it’s my favorite. In defending my preferences, I notice I lean on the side of the forgotten. But that’s okay. I’ll defend Thanksgiving to my dying day. This post features everything Thanksgiving related. I have for you: A 10 Day Thanksgiving Devotional  - A personal invitation to reflect daily on offering thanksgiving to our King. Thankfulness in a Box - An activity for groups or individuals in secular or Christian settings. Thanksgiving Themed Classroom Ideas - Fill your Preschool to Sixth grade plan book here. A "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving Challenge - Last year's challenge from the cooks in the Wolfe Stew kitchen. Ten Days of God-Centered Thankfulness Click Here for Your Copy When trying to decide how best to honor Thanksgiving this year, my answer was a devotional. Really, it is more of an opportunity to encourage all of us to focus on God in our