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31 Days to Choose in January 2022

New year, new calendar. No longer am I pairing daily holidays with academic activities. Now, Wolfe Stew calendars focus solely on personal growth. Each month has a different theme, each day a different activity. Use them on your own or with a group. Here's what we're offering on the January 2022 Wolfe Stew menu: Blank 2022 Calendar   Bible verses  Inspirational Quotes January 2022 Growth for Today Calendars Biblical Secular If you're still craving the ideas for every day, find previous year listings below: January 2021 January 2020 New Year activities BLANK 2022 Calendar These Blank Calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly  Bible verses  or  inspirational quotes .  January 2022's challenge:  record one positive choice you made daily. January 2022 Bible Verse "Fight the good fight of faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, whic

July - An Idea for Every Day - Week 4

(Updated 7/8/2022) As we near the end of July and the days get shorter, we realize our time for summer is coming to an end too. Likely, thoughts of school are buzzing through your head: "How's it going to be different this year? What can I do to make my learner feel safe and secure? How long will my well-laid plans last?" These questions zoom through my head too, leader. And we need to muster our courage and lead with confidence knowing God goes before us and walks alongside us. We are never alone. Standing in the love and grace of God, we lead with confidence knowing that because God is fearless, we can be fearless too! We will face this next school year, with all of it's uncertainty and unfamiliarity, with confidence - because we lean on Our Rock who never changes. Taking confidence in God as a cue, our learners will bloom. He knows the plans He has for us, and we trust in that. Period. In an effort to aid you in finding encouragement for each passing day, we've

June - An Idea for Every Day - Week 3

(Updated 4/18/2022.) This is it: the week of my birthday. It’s funny how when we get older, birthdays don’t mean as much. It’s just another number, another year, another day. But it does provide an opportunity to reflect. The first time I felt a loss to my youth was on my thirtieth birthday when reminded I was no longer a “twenty-something.” Then again as Harry Potter hit its 20 th anniversary. Seriously, how has it been that long!?! Time passes so much faster as an adult. What makes you feel time’s speed? Check out the line-up we have for you this week (click each link to jump to details about that day): Flag Day (6.14.2020) Electricity Day (6.15.2020) Fresh Veggies Day (6.16.2020) World Croc Day (6.17.2020) International Picnic Day (6.18.2020) Pets in Film Day (6.19.2020) Summer Solstice (6.20.2020) And remember, we’re serving it to you several ways. Choose what works best for you. June Calendar : An at your fingertip reminder of what days are approaching

Two-Step Decision Making

Raise your hand if you just love making decisions.  Yeah, don’t worry, me neither. I abhor making decisions.  If you gave me 24 hours to make a decision, I would take every single moment and still not be confident in my decision.  I’m trying to make progress in this area.  I think I have, but it’s still a struggle.  I’d love to share some ideas that have helped me with this task, in the hopes that maybe they will help you too.  Also, let’s be honest, in writing them out, perhaps it will become clearer to me.  I don’t know.  I’ll decide later… The Logical Approach So, first, let’s talk about a couple methods out there for decision making.  A few tried and true methods; or ones I’ve tried and blew.  The place I always start out: The Pros and Cons List.  You know this one.  You’ve been making pros and cons lists since grade school.  It’s classic.  It’s how you think through things.  It’s logical.  It works every time.  Trust me on this.  All you have to do is: Fold a piece of paper