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Valentine's Day | JOY for Today

While Valentine's Day is met with mixed emotions, I see it as a celebration of LOVE: love of God, love of others, and love of self.  There is never enough love to go around. So, let's find JOY for today in giving and receiving love. Hearts image from Pixabay . Valentine's Day Offerings Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses and Love Quotes   Activity Suggestions  (for families, classrooms, or individuals) Did You Know: There are three Saint Valentine legends? First, there's the Valentine who married soldiers despite Emperor Claudius II's decree to keep them single. Second, Valentine of Terni lived his life supporting marriage and ended it with a note to his beloved signed "From your Valentine." Finally, a third Valentine helped Christians escape imprisonment.  There are three reasons it's on February 14th : St. Valentine's burial date, the Pagan fertility festival Lupercalia, and the beginning of birds' mating season (according to

Pizza Day | JOY for Today

Any way you slice it, pizza delivers JOY. The crust smiles at you, the cheese melts your heart, and the toppings are uniquely yours. Embrace this culinary delight with us as we declare: Fresh Pizza  by Cel Lisbosa at Good Free Photos Pizza Menu Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses and Pizza Quotes   Activity Suggestions  (for families, or classrooms) Did You Know: Pizza, in some form, has existed since the BC's? Flatbread that served as edible plates upon which diners spread desired toppings and ate it all at once were mentioned in Virgil's Aeneid. Aeneid was written around 19 BC . The modern pizza was developed to meet the needs of the Lazzaroni (a group of Italians named after Lazarus)?  Naples struggled to keep a booming population fed, especially among the most ragged group of all - the Lazzaroni. The pizza, sold by street vendors, was convenient with portions adaptable to any budget: the size of the slice matched the size of your payment.  Tomatoes did not o

Groundhog Day | JOY for Today

" Groundhog " by Maureen Farrelly at Public Domain Pictures Find JOY today in an annual tradition that, though somewhat silly, brings HOPE to many! Dare to HOPE that warmth will rise again in your life. Groundhog Offerings: Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses Activity Suggestion  (for families, or classrooms) Did You Know Groundhog Day is: Also known as Imbolc (Pagan) or Candlemas (Christian)? A good marker of the seasons? Set halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox, it logically makes sense to position season-ending forecasting efforts here. Not the original way people would predict winter's end? To Christian Candlemas observers, a sunny Candlemas day foretold 40 more days of winter. A custom brought to America by the Germans? In Europe, Germans decided if small animals (such as badgers) could see their shadows then the day was officially sunny. When they settled Pennsylvania, the custom continued with the substitution of the groundhog.    O

February 2022 | Blank, Holiday, and Personal Growth Calendars

2nd month into 2022 - that's a lot of 2's. How are you holding up? Is the weather cold? Are you ready for heart-warming activities? Are you ready to RAISE the heat on some life changes? If so, we're here to help.  Here's what we're offering on the February 2022 Wolfe Stew menu: February 2022 GROWTH for Today Calendars Biblical Secular Blank 2022 Calendar   Bible verses  Inspirational Quotes If you're still craving ideas for EVERY day, find previous year listings below: February 2021   February 2020 Also, consider sampling our JOY for Today posts, where we aim to celebrate selected days throughout the year with you. February 2022 GROWTH for Today Calendars These "GROWTH for Today" calendars are new in 2022! Choose from a  faith-based  or  secular  perspective. Set aside time each day to do the activity and GROW to RISE with us. (Faith-based version on Slide 2.) Whether you choose the  Biblical  or  secular  calendar, the theme and goal of February 2

February 2021 | An Idea for EVERY Day

(Updated 2.23.2023)  We are one month into 2021! How are you doing? How are your learners doing? I hope you are taking some time for yourself and reflecting on your emotions, accepting them, understanding them, and making necessary adjustments to nurture more of the outcomes you desire. You are worth it. You are making a difference. You matter. The Mr. recently took a training regarding the mental health of teachers. Many of us are having a difficult time teaching, which is likely unsurprising to you. We’re confronting new challenges for which there is no manual. In the face of these new challenges, it is vital that we care for ourselves. The Happy Teacher Revolution offers resources and training (which the Mr. recently underwent) to support us in doing so. A printout from this training now hangs near his desk to remind him of twelve choices a happy teacher makes (links to the original list at Edutopia ). There are so many good choices. The one that resonates the most with the Mr.