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July - An Idea for Every Day - Week 2

You're here because you're looking for activities for your learners; we're here because we want to help. We've been stewing on ideas for every day of this next July week and hope you find one (or two) engaging for you (and your learner). Look at all the different ways we're serving them:   July Calendar  – Ideas at a glance with clickable links for you advanced planners. Weekly Blog - You’re reading it now.  😊   SUBSCRIBE  by hitting the button above to get them delivered directly to your inbox. Check out our four recent posts (ideas never expire): June 28 - July 4 June 21 - June 27 June 14 – June 20 June 7 – June 13 Daily Reminders – Follow us on  Instagram  or  Facebook Even More Ideas – Look over our  Pinterest  board. Check out this week's line-up (click the link to "hop" to the mentioned day's description): Apple Turnover Day - Three recipes from which to choose. International Kissing Day - Research skills, reading, writing, chronological or

July - An Idea for Every Day - Week 1

Oh my goodness, leaders. I cannot even believe July is already upon us. I'm not ready for it.  How has your summer been so far? We'd love to hear about it! Our last week was stressful. It was the week of the surgery mentioned in the last, "Idea for Every Day," post. But, we're happy to report the surgery was successful and, while we're still praying through recovery, it feels as though a heavy weight's been lifted. I'm sure you can relate. Talk about lifting spirits, next week ends on Fourth of July! Can you believe it? Of course we included it! How could we not? Check out the line-up (click the link to hop to the desired day): Descendants' Day  (6.28.20) Camera Day (6.29.20) Meteor Watch Day (6.30.20) U.S. Postage Stamp Day (7.1.20) I Forgot Day (7.2.20) Compliment Your Mirror Day (7.3.20) Independence Day (7.4.20) And, we're plating them up in the following ways:   July Calendar  – Ideas at a glance with clickable links for you adva