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World Communion Sunday | JOY for Today

World Communion Sunday conjures images of us coming together as one to remember our Savior and the sacrifice He made so we all can be one. What JOY, Family, to leave conflict behind and bind together in His love. He's waiting for that day, too. World Communion Sunday | October's First Sunday JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Facts about communion. Wolfe Stew Connects  To unity. Bible Verses and Quotes  Regarding communion. Activity Suggestions  Songs, Explanations, Comprehension, Discussion questions, and Family challenge UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:   Inner Beauty Day (October 7th Annually) Columbus Day  (October's Second Monday) Reptile Awareness Day (October 21st Annually) Did You Know: There are several names for communion?   It is also referred to as the Lord's table, the Lord's Supper, holy communion, cup of blessing, breaking of bread, eucharist, giving of thanks, and mass. Many of these names are derived from a Biblical context, although Jesus gave no name fo

International Day of Peace | JOY for Today

Peace and joy. Common quests of mankind. The problem arises when what you require for peace and joy collide with what I require. How do we find common ground? How do we come to accept a shared meaning of peace and joy?  International Day of Peace | September 21st Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Four world peace facts we didn't know. Wolfe Stew Connects  with finding peace. Bible Verses and Quotes  about peace. Activity Suggestions  Music, SEL Lessons, Discussion Questions, and Family Challenge UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:   Fall Equinox  (Late September, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south) Johnny Appleseed Day  (September 26th Annually) Inner Beauty Day (October 7th Annually) Did You Know: Many societies never experience war?   Most societies, through the ages, experienced a state of peace more often than a state of war and 10 percent of those societies never experienced war at all. ( Oxford University Press ) Even the first recorded human story ended

National Lighthouse Day | JOY for Today

As a lighthouse beckons ships to safe harbor, Jesus invites us to live in his JOY. Linger here; you're safe on these shores. National Lighthouse Day | August 7th Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five lighthouse facts we didn't know. Wolfe Stew Connects  To finding our light.  Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by lighthouses. Activity Suggestions  Music, art, design, science, history, literature, discussion questions, and family challenge. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:   Global Sleep Under the Stars Night  (August 8th Annually) National Roller Coaster Day (August 16th Annually) Speak Kind Words Saturday (August's Fourth Saturday) Did You Know: The first lighthouse was in Egypt?  Built in 300 BC on the island of Pharos, fire on a platform over 100 meters high directed sailors to the port entrance in Alexandria. ( CNN Travel   & ) The United States has more lighthouses than any other country? We reached a peak at around 850 in operation at once an

Love Conquers All Day | JOY for Today

That love conquers all, I have no doubt. It breaks down barriers, lights up the darkest nights, and finds a way in to warm even the coldest of hearts. Love will always win in the end but knowing love along the way adds JOY to the journey. Love Conquers All Day - June 3rd Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the power of love. Bible Verses and Quotes  Related to love. Activity Suggestions  Heart Map, Song List, Story Prompt, Would You Rather, and Family Challenge Upcoming Holiday:   Hot Air Balloon Day  (June 5th Annually) Did You Know: Love conquers definitions?  We struggle to find one suitable definition for love so use it to describe a variety of feelings and actions. Merriam-Webster defines love nine ways as a noun and four as a verb. National Today  identifies thirteen types of love. Love conquers death? When you spend time with people who love you, your risk of an early death is reduced by 50%. Moreover, having someone w

Forgiveness Day 2022 | JOY for Today

(Updated 5/25/2023.) Sometimes seeking joy is not a task you want to undertake. Sometimes we want to sit in our anger, sadness, or hurt and are not ready for joy. But, when you are ready to let that JOY back in , forgiveness is a necessary step. June 26th Annually Forgiveness Day Findings: Did You Know...  Two we knew; three we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the difficulty of forgiveness. Bible Verses and Quotes  About forgiveness of self and others. Activity Suggestions  Posters, movies, books, and songs. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS: Independence Day (July 4th Annually) Give Something Away Day (July 15th Annually) National Ice Cream Day (July's Third Sunday) Did You Know: There is more than one day for forgiveness throughout the year? Additional designations for forgiveness include the third full week of June, July 7th, the first Sunday in August, September 27th, and October 7th. ( Checkiday ) Forgiveness is good for your health?  Mayo Clinic studied the health benefits of forgiven

November 2020 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 10/7/2022) November – the month of Thanksgiving and fall. It’s a month full of gratitude, family, and warmth, from the comfort of our homes to the joy in our heart.  We want to help bring the comfort, warmth, and love into your learning too, leaders, with the help of these resources we’ve stewed on for you. For every November day, you’ll find learning opportunities on which to embark with your Preschool to Sixth grade learner . Find the activities as a November calendar or “menu” in the blog below. If you’re looking for even more ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest board. Here’s our November 2020 Idea for Every Day Calendar for you to print, pin, bookmark or paste: Above is only the graphic, click here to download the calendar.   And here’s a blank November 2020 for you to do with as you choose. This is only a graphic, click here to download your blank calendar. If you want to jump to a particular date, click the appropriate one below. Week One (11.1.2020-1