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Memorial Day | JOY for Today

(Updated 5/26/2023) Memorial Day is not just a day to remember the fallen, but a day to commit to carrying on in their footsteps. What fallen heroes' memories do you honor? What contribution obtained by their bravery and sacrifice brings you joy? How might you continue their labor? Answering these questions and committing to the fight are surefire ways for joy to burst through in your life. Remembrance Day: In Flanders Fields  by Chuchmouse and Churchmouse Campanologist Memorial Day Offerings: Did You Know...   One we knew; four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To memory preservation. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by Memorial Day Activity Suggestions   Poetry, crafts & barbecue Did You Know: Memorial Day began after the Civil War? The Civil War claimed more American lives than any other war and many communities started holding ceremonies to honor lives lost each spring. The ceremonies consisted of graveside flower arrangements and prayers to honor the fallen. ( History.c

The Savior

  Jesus the Good Shepherd by Bernard Plockhorst at He saved me, from myself My anger dwelled inside, for years From child to teen to adult I traveled the rivers of my own tears   Finally, after a journey of trouble I chose the path that led to Him I tried to hold onto the pain I wanted to stay in the grim   Darkness and Sin surrounded The water of life washed me free The Light pierced the flesh My Father had me use my eyes to see   Haunt me no more The painful screams The fear of failure The scary dreams   My Father claims me And I claim Him I rely on prayer And on Holy Hymn Thank you, My God Thank you, Holy Spirit Christ saved my life So, I no longer fear it For more original literary works, visit our Reading Nook .

August Week 3 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 8/4/2022)  Welcome, leaders, to Wolfe Stew . We are SO glad you’re here. Since the last post, we have been stewing on activities for you to use with your preschool to sixth grade learners for every day of August’s third (Yikes!) week. We chose daily holidays and paired them with learning ideas from around the ‘net in an effort to bring engagement into your learning day. Check out the chosen holidays along with a brief description of practiced skills for the week spanning August 16 th to 22 nd . (Click the link to go directly to the described day.) Tell a Joke Day (August 16th Annually) -  Resources and tips for leaders and learners I Love My Feet Day (August 17th Annually) -  Health science (personal hygiene, foot anatomy); Art (painting, following directions, planning, imagining, making connections) Mail Order Catalog Day (August 18th Annually)  - Research Skills, Writing (opinion and persuasive) Potato Day (August 19th Annually) - Science (plants, culinary, energy)

May Week 2 | An Idea for Every Day

Updated 4/6/2022 How's May been going for you so far?  For us, May has been rich in rainstorms, great horned owls, re-blossoming of trees, and catching of bluegills.  We're also continuing to navigate through online schooling (both in official and nonofficial teaching roles) and we're feeling the impact of store closures.  What about you? Did you participate in any of the suggested activities from last week?  If so, we'd love to hear about it.  We had every intention of making the Nine Men Morris board for May Day, but ran out of time. We were, however, ecstatic to hear it mentioned in the book we're reading with our nephew: Justin Case: Rules, Tools and Maybe a Bully by Rachel Vail.  This book is the third in a series our nephew immensely enjoys, and we like it too.  It accurately reflects the inner thoughts, worries, concerns, decisions and likely outcomes of a third or fourth grade boy.  So, if you have a third or fourth grader in your home, consider checking t