The Savior


Jesus holds a lamb and walks among the sheep. Text overlay reads: "The Savior; by Sean Christopher Wolfe
Jesus the Good Shepherd by Bernard Plockhorst at

He saved me, from myself

My anger dwelled inside, for years

From child to teen to adult

I traveled the rivers of my own tears


Finally, after a journey of trouble

I chose the path that led to Him

I tried to hold onto the pain

I wanted to stay in the grim


Darkness and Sin surrounded

The water of life washed me free

The Light pierced the flesh

My Father had me use my eyes to see


Haunt me no more

The painful screams

The fear of failure

The scary dreams


My Father claims me

And I claim Him

I rely on prayer

And on Holy Hymn

Thank you, My God

Thank you, Holy Spirit

Christ saved my life

So, I no longer fear it

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