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Earth Day | JOY for Today

(Updated March 14, 2024.) Earth Day provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our maker, simplify our life, and remind us of true beauty as we surround ourselves in the work of His hands. Earth Day is April 22nd Annually JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  Five Earth Day facts we didn't know. Wolfe Stew Connects  To God's work and your part in it. Bible Verses and Quotes  About the Earth. Activity Suggestions  Books, crafts, discussion questions, and family challenge. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS: Honesty Day  (April 30th Annually) National Day of Prayer (May's First Thursday) Star Wars Day (May 4th Annually) Did You Know: Anti-Vietnam protests  inspired Earth Day ?  Wisconsin Senator Nelson, after watching the success of student-led anti-Vietnam protests, organized environmental awareness teach-ins that eventually became the now globally recognized Earth Day. ( ) It falls on April 22nd to maximize student participation? Wisconsin Senator Nelson chose

Flag Day | JOY for Today

(Updated 6/2/2023) Flags symbolize belonging. They announce in colors and symbols the values and traditions of the people who fly them. When you see your flag waving in unfamiliar territory, it communicates security and like-mindedness. Belonging. Community. Shared Values. Common Purpose. These sound like ingredients in a recipe for JOY to me.  JOY for Today Offerings: Did You Know...  One we knew; four we didn't. Wolfe Stew Connects  To the banner over me. Bible Verses and Quotes  Inspired by flags. Activity Suggestions  Crafts, games, food, history, "Would you rather...?", and family challenge. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS: Father's Day (June's Third Sunday) Forgiveness Day (June 26th Annually) Independence Day (July 4th Annually) Did You Know: Our flag was officially adopted June 14, 1777 by the Second Continental Congress? See alternate designs at . It took 135 years for our flag to be standardized?  Until 1912, stars were arranged differently in varyi

Palm Sunday | JOY for Today

Palm Sunday, a day when throngs of people gathered to welcome their savior, abounds in JOY, yet it comes with a shadow. We know by week's end Jesus undergoes crucifixion. We know it was people like us that voted for Him to die. We know what it means to blame our failed expectations on a meek and humble savior. While a solemn time of reflection, consider the sacrifice He willingly made on your behalf. He would do it again if it were only for you and that, my friends, should bring you great JOY. Photo from pxhere Palm Sunday Offerings: Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses and Quotes   Activity Suggestions  (For families, classrooms, or individuals) Did You Know: Palm Sunday marks  the beginning of Holy Week ?  Holy week is an eight-day journey of remembering the events and revealed prophecies leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Palm Sunday honors Jesus claiming his place as Messiah? Jews memorized biblical prophecy and knew Zechariah foretold the Mes

Vernal Equinox | JOY for Today

Reawaken, restart, rejuvenate, renew. Spring - a time of growth, new life, and warmth - is full of JOYful possibilities. Welcome to the Spring celebration! " Daisy Flowers in White " by Karen Arnold via Public Domain Pictures Vernal Equinox Offerings: Did You Know...   Wolfe Stew Connects Bible Verses and Quotes   Activity Suggestions  (For families, classrooms or individuals) Did You Know: Two "first days" of spring exist? One, the equinox, is astronomically based, but the other, used by climate scientists, is based on the temperature cycle. So, dear reader, you may choose to celebrate the first day of spring on March 1st (meteorologically) or March 20th (astronomically). Some cultures recognize the vernal equinox as their new year ?  While we celebrate the New Year in January, some countries in the middle east wait until spring to officially mark a New Year. To celebrate, they jump over bonfires, clean their homes, feast, paint eggs, bang pots, and picnic. A s

May 2021 | An Idea for Every Day

(Updated 4/20/2022.) It’s almost May! How is your April going so far? I have some yardwork out there that’s calling my name that I keep ignoring. What are your feelings on yardwork? Do you love it or hate it? May’s the month in school where kids literally taste the end coming. The scent in the air changes, energy levels rise, and teachers turn to their ultra-fun, secret lesson plans to keep them going. What is your favorite end of year activity? Skip forward to our favorite five activities for the month of May now, if you’d like. We’re back with an "Idea for Every Day." If you need some help coming up with activities to keep your learners engaged, we have a few for you. We’ve paired daily holidays with learning and family activities for you to complete with your Preschool to Sixth grade learners. Take your pick from this interactive calendar or  download your own. Or print a blank one off ( Bible verses or inspirational quotes ) and take notes on the days of in

March 2021 | An Idea for EVERY Day

(Updated 3.23.2023) Welcome back, leaders! It’s nearly March, which means spring is right around the corner. To help you prepare for March with your learners, we’ve stewed on ideas for EVERY day for you. After selecting daily holidays, we surfed the web to pair them with free educational or family activities for you. This month, we’re providing the calendar with links to all daily ideas AND a selection of five we review for you. That way, if you only want a few to do, we’ve done some choosing for you. First, here’s March’s “Idea for EVERY Day” Calendar. Browse it, click on a few links, jot a note (or two) of what you want to do, print it as a visual reminder, bookmark it to come back to later, keep it wherever you plan. Then, when you’re wondering, “Hey, what fun (different, engaging, relevant) thing could I do today?” Take a glance and consider what we’ve stewed on for you. Here’s your 2021 March Idea for EVERY Day Calendar . (The top version is scrollable and clickable; the bot