January 2023 Calendars | Printable: Blank, Holidays, and Personal Growth

It's nearly a new year, can you believe it? With the new year, we're bringing in calendars with a new theme: character traits from Proverbs 31. As usual, we have two options: one with Bible verses and one with inspirational quotes.

How are you bringing in the new year, Leader? Are you finding time to relax and recharge? Are you finding the merry in each moment? We are praying this season brings you peace and JOY to invigorate you in welcoming 2023.

Here's what we're offering on the January 2023 Wolfe Stew menu:

January 2023 Ideas for EVERY Day

Also, consider sampling our JOY for Today posts, where we celebrate selected days throughout the year by offering facts, connections, scripture, quotes, and activity suggestions. Check out our three most recent JOY for Today posts:

January 2023 Growth for Today Calendar

Join us in 2023 as we study the Proverbs 31 woman. Men, before you run away, we think this applies to you too. We will analyze each verse from several perspectives: what it means for women and men separately, then together as His church, and finally what it teaches us about God. But first, we will dig into the meaning and cultural perspectives. Twenty-two verses in 365 days. We are taking it slow but digging deep. Through this study, our prayer is that we better understand how we can wisely interact with each other and God. If this sounds like a growth opportunity for you, we would love to have you join us. Just download the calendar (or bookmark this page) and jump in at any time. In January, we are learning what it means to be VALUABLE.

Our Wolfe Notes provide a glimpse into our growth journey or an opportunity to "catch up" on any days missed:

Download your January 2023 GROWTH for Today calendar here.

January's Focus

  • Trait: Valuable
  • Verses: Proverbs 31:10 and 29

Weekly Overview

  • Week One: Building background by defining relevant terms and researching the cultural and Biblical perspectives.
  • Week Two: Looking into the meaning of Proverbs 31:10
  • Week Three: Interpreting Proverbs 31:10 and introducing Proverbs 31:29.
  • Week Four: Analyzing, interpreting, and applying Proverbs 31:29.
  • Week Five: Connecting the two verses with a wise understanding of valuable.
We provide the structure and resources we found interesting but encourage you to go where the Holy Spirit leads you. Ask questions, wrestle. Struggling through scripture with God shows our desire to learn. He promises to give us wisdom if we ask; so, ask (James 1:5). Seek and find. Keep your mind open to the Holy Spirit's leading and prepare to be remade. We're being remade right along with you!

Last year, our January goal was to define our personal values and make choices that reflect them. Find that calendar here.

BLANK 2023 Calendar

These blank calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly Bible verses or inspirational quotes

January 2023's challenge: Daily record a reminder of your value.

Red sparkly background with January 2023 calendar in foreground.
Download your Proverbs 31 Inspired 2023 Calendar

A snowman amid a snow covered forest in the background with a January 2023 calendar in the foreground.
Download your Kid-Friendly 2023 Calendar with Inspirational Quotes

You are valuable! We are praying that each day in January you uncover increasingly more of the truth of what God sees when He looks at you and use that knowledge to guide your interactions with Him, yourself, and others. 

Growing with You,
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Are you interested in browsing archived calendars? If so, find them all on our JOY for Today page.


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